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  1. Many Happy Returns Harry
  2. Rejuvenating an old rusty Spade

    Great find, I have exactly the same grease gun, mine has 32 grade hydraulic oil in it, it is perfect for oiling my Myford Super 7 lathe. Much better than the original Myford one
  3. Happy birthday DougC

    Many happy returns Douglas. Hope you have a good one
  4. Hi Neil, Front tyres are 4.00 x 10 3 rib, rears are 7.00 x 12. Weights on rears are 35 kg's each side of Aldi weight lifting weights. For the show, which was a last minute entry, the wheels got a quick coat of Screwfix "no nonsense" zinc galvanising spray.
  5. Matchless G50 500cc Norm, 7R was the AJS 350cc version. Matchless G45 was the 500cc twin.
  6. A few more photos. That's all Folks, I thought I'd taken more than this.
  7. Just a few photos of various things over the two days, weather not great.
  8. Getting "Hitched"

    Having a bit of spare time, I decided to modify my clevis hitch. When I fitted the 'Linack' motor to operate it I used a solid link, this meant at times, the discs or cultivator would lift the back wheels off the ground. Changing the solid link to a chain solved this, but I was not happy with it. If I wanted to use the tow bar, especially with a tow ball, I had to take the hitch off. The modification allows me to have a solid link, selectable floating or not, and the hitch can be raised high enough to allow the ball hitch to be used without removing anything. I also got around to fitting the 480 x 10 tri rib front wheels and tyres they compensate for the 7 x 12 rears and level the tractor. Must clean up and paint the discs. Sorry about the extra photos, I don't seem to be able to delete them.
  9. Who Do They Think They Are?

    You have just witnessed a very rare event Norm, a woman BMW driver who had actually stopped before using her phone. She most likely only needs to be caught once more to be banned! Probably 90% of people I see using phones whilst driving are female BMW drivers. The boys in blue always know who's one the phone, they will be driving about 55 / 60 mph in the middle lane of the motorway.
  10. Google "Gorilla glue" It expands as it cures, a bit like expanding foam, also a very strong adhesive.
  11. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Many Happy Returns Neil
  12. Happy birthday Nigel

    Many Happy Returns Nigel, Have a good one.
  13. Heat induction tool

    Just the job if you have an old steam engine boiler to re-rivet
  14. Happy Birthday Meadowfield

    Many Happy Returns Mark. Have a great day. 👍🚰❌ 🎉🎂🍻💃🏼 ✅
  15. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    If you've another bearing Norm, put two side by side
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