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  1. Happy birthday DougC

    Many happy returns Douglas. Hope you have a good one
  2. Hi Neil, Front tyres are 4.00 x 10 3 rib, rears are 7.00 x 12. Weights on rears are 35 kg's each side of Aldi weight lifting weights. For the show, which was a last minute entry, the wheels got a quick coat of Screwfix "no nonsense" zinc galvanising spray.
  3. Matchless G50 500cc Norm, 7R was the AJS 350cc version. Matchless G45 was the 500cc twin.
  4. A few more photos. That's all Folks, I thought I'd taken more than this.
  5. Just a few photos of various things over the two days, weather not great.
  6. Getting "Hitched"

    Having a bit of spare time, I decided to modify my clevis hitch. When I fitted the 'Linack' motor to operate it I used a solid link, this meant at times, the discs or cultivator would lift the back wheels off the ground. Changing the solid link to a chain solved this, but I was not happy with it. If I wanted to use the tow bar, especially with a tow ball, I had to take the hitch off. The modification allows me to have a solid link, selectable floating or not, and the hitch can be raised high enough to allow the ball hitch to be used without removing anything. I also got around to fitting the 480 x 10 tri rib front wheels and tyres they compensate for the 7 x 12 rears and level the tractor. Must clean up and paint the discs. Sorry about the extra photos, I don't seem to be able to delete them.
  7. Who Do They Think They Are?

    You have just witnessed a very rare event Norm, a woman BMW driver who had actually stopped before using her phone. She most likely only needs to be caught once more to be banned! Probably 90% of people I see using phones whilst driving are female BMW drivers. The boys in blue always know who's one the phone, they will be driving about 55 / 60 mph in the middle lane of the motorway.
  8. Google "Gorilla glue" It expands as it cures, a bit like expanding foam, also a very strong adhesive.
  9. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Many Happy Returns Neil
  10. Happy birthday Nigel

    Many Happy Returns Nigel, Have a good one.
  11. Heat induction tool

    Just the job if you have an old steam engine boiler to re-rivet
  12. Happy Birthday Meadowfield

    Many Happy Returns Mark. Have a great day. 👍🚰❌ 🎉🎂🍻💃🏼 ✅
  13. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    If you've another bearing Norm, put two side by side
  14. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Many happy returns Chris,
  15. Any ideas.

    Tuner for an old steam powered wireless set
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