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  1. Testing out the forge

    i was looking at some you tube vids and a few of the lads on there bolted a piece of railway track to a heavy piece of wood till they could get an anvil
  2. Tin can

    as my old grandad used to say "SPIT on it lad" it will be right by morning he he he
  3. Lawns of a dilemna

    it sure is a shame to scrap them though
  4. w/h c161

    hi chaps wondered if you could help me w/h c161 16 hp kohler with the engine running and the pto clutch engaged what would the rpm of the drive pulley be lets say half revs im trying to work out the pulley size if i was to run a hydraulic pump at say 3000 rpm
  5. w/h c161

    thanks chaps only reason i said 3000rpm is if ive got my calculations right at 3000rpm i will defiantly be running the pump at a higher rpm full revs
  6. w/h c161

    thanks mate
  7. w/h c161

    am i right in thinking when engine revs flat out it should be going 3600 rpm ???
  8. Ruston Hornsby VSO size 4 diesel engine and generator

  9. wheelhorse clutch plate

    hi guys been rotovating tonight and my wh rotavator keeps stalling even when I have it just tickling the soil my first thought was to tighten the clutch but the adjusting screw if full hard on can you get replacement clutch plates do I need to get re lined if so any info on relining would be great thanks in advance just to make it clear it was the clutch plate stalling not just the belt

    managed to pick these up yesterday so thats 2 more not on the scrap heap cleaned the fuel tanks out of old petrol and new petrol added checked the oil levels charged the battery's cleaned points and plugs 1 of them needed a new coil had a spare and away they go 1 needs a muffler on the exhaust (1 on order of the net) NOW THE BIG QUESTION DO I RESTORE OR LEAVE ORIGINAL ?????????

    just had a look and I think there 1975 models
  12. bubbalove


    there both commando 800s 8hp kohler engines not sure of the year the serial nos are 145932 and 145494 model nos the same 1-0141
  14. wheel horse front loader

    hi guys I was sat thinking while I had a shovel in my hand while filling the trailer being pulled by my wh has anyone built / got a wheel horse with a front loader. I appreciate that they probably wont move tonnes and tonnes of stuff a day but would certainly save the back. I've had a look on red square and I see there is 1 or 2 articles on front loaders on there but I think they have had some sort of loader to start with possibly off other types of machines and is in the US. Its in my head now and if any of you guys got any do's or don'ts advice would always be the best place to start, I've got a c-161 and im thinking if im going to do a front loader I may need to expand my herd but any advise would be great if anyone has done 1 or no's of anyone that may have pics or plans it would be great to get a little knowledge before going in the deep end thanks lads tom P.S if I am going to expand my heard what would be the best W/H to try and fix it to do any of you guy have 1 for sale ????
  15. wheel horse front loader

    first time I've managed to get any work done on this but I thought id just put a few pics on so you can see how its going with working long hours and waiting for parts to arrive not a lot been done but here you go
  16. Wheelhorse B115

    62 quid wouldnt get you a decent battery i just dont get why these things dont fetch better money
  17. Happy birthday Koen!!!!

    have a great birthday
  18. wheel horse front loader

    that's great thank you for that
  19. wheel horse front loader

    a picture would be great if you have 1 as it would give me a better idea of what the finished thing looks like
  20. Andrews Bolens Rideamatic

    i found him to tractor is looking good im not sure about this pink idea lol
  21. wheel horse front loader

    tyres was on there when I bought it a few weeks ago !!! yes going to extend it so there is 2 bars 1 either side on the axel was going to leave them long so that I can mount oil tank across the back also double the wheels up at the back as ive got a spare set or rear rims (just need tyres) I seem to remember a post about filling the rear tyres with antifreeze or something ill have to have a look at past posts I just thought that would help with the weight distribution I still think that either the front arms are to long or the whole frame could do with going back 6or 10 inch but to be fair if I did move it back I wouldn't get the bonnet up ????
  22. wheel horse front loader

    this one is the right way round sorry
  23. wheel horse front loader

    finaly got round to getting the cutter out and waving the stick welder about so I thought id give you a little up date on this haven't received the rams yet so I haven't welded on the ram pin plates yet but they are cut ready but I just thought it would be better to wait just incase they not the size stated my next port of call will be to make the bucket im thinking that the loader arms are to long but ill see when I get the bucket made and on
  24. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    coach painting right never new that heard of it but didn't put the 2 together I bet its another great trade that lost due to modern ways
  25. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    I remember years ago I watched an old boy that worked with my dad and he was painting a lorry cab he was using what he called red lead (I think it was red oxide) and he was just brushing it on but before that paint went on the metal it went on a gas ring until it almost boiled after 2 coats of red the final 2 coats of top coat went on (green) the same again before the paint touched the metal was almost boiling and I tell you this there was not 1 brush mark in that body work and you would of thought it was sprayed. After that he hand sign written it in gold looked lovely funny what you remember as a kid isn't it
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