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  1. WestWood Lawnbug Racing

    I had a Bug once and the phone rang off the wall with racers wanting the chassis. I think most use a Briggs engine with govenor removed.
  2. Gutbrod 1032 with fingerbar mower hedge cutting

    first gear . I have got reduction hubs but not in at the time of using.
  3. used the bar mower for trimming up the field hedge. better than walking with a hand held trimmer. I have got some video of it mowing but the belts were slipping so not very impressive . video-1530295381.mp4 video-1530295770.mp4
  4. New Build!!! Ditch Mower

    Well we have been testing today as my test pilot has returned . It works really well. The first problem we encountered was the engine would die as the plug shorted out on the long branches and leaves . Bit of tape sorted that. Chops up hedge cuttings and blows them deep under . Cuts right under hedge without you getting scratched to bits and cuts down into the ditch so i can at least see the edge of the ditch and not drive into it .
  5. New Build!!! Ditch Mower

    Ha! no that angle is just for transport only. it is capable of going over the bank and down into the ditch.
  6. New Build!!! Ditch Mower

    Had a nice day outside in the sun making a mower for cutting down the ditch on the side of the road. I had made a pulpit to stand on when cutting hedges, That was made from a worn out tractor mounted , lawn brush. I have mounted a very rusty mower deck to the side and lifted by a electric winch sat on the back. I will take more photos when i test it
  7. Engine only running on choke

    Check carb main jet and also emulsion tube. They will block with crystals from stale fuel . Long brass tube with lots of holes in the sides. You may have to push the tube out .
  8. Charging again!!!

    Had an issue last year where the charging system collapsed in the engine . Magnets came off and smashed all the coils in the flywheel. I have now mounted a small alternator under the seat and running it off the pto pulley. Belts are close but not touching. May change for a larger pulley to turn the alternator faster.
  9. Wee tractor working 2018 new garden

    Fab bit of work !
  10. Busy day with our 1972 Bolens 1054

    Health and safety all looking good
  11. New plough 2018

    Correct me if i am wrong but it looks like your ploughing deeper with the new set up than you did last year. Hope it pulls as well .
  12. New plough 2018

    very nice looking job . Well done
  13. Gutbrod front pto

    12 is listed as p.t.o shaft and 17 is listed as thrust ring
  14. wheel horse plough on ebay

    202230750277 Wheel horse plough on ebay
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