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  1. A New use for an old bit of kit!!

    Ebay 15" £65 pair inc tubes. Nice deep tread to keep the thorns out
  2. A New use for an old bit of kit!!

    Latest little build. I needed more hight and reach for cutting a high hedge and this is what I came up with. The old sweeper was past it as the bearings had seized and spun in the chassis. I can stand on the plarform at the very back and not have the steering wheels lift. The front tyres have also been replaced to make them more puncture proof.
  3. One pass machine

    Was thinking of putting a fertilizer spinner on the back but it is a bit early in the year .
  4. One pass machine

    Time for a play! I have just coupled the lawn slitter,aerator behind the spring tines and with a little amount of weight works well. It,s a bit early but I was keen to give it a tryout.
  5. New Project Any information would be useful

    Yah! It works. Not set yet, I will have to find some virgin ground to work on. Also fitted my Xmas present of a tool box behind the seat.
  6. New Project Any information would be useful

    Just trying to make it fit the Gutbrod1032 by reproducing the Wheelhorse mounting.
  7. New Project Any information would be useful

    That looks Great and exactly like mine. Dose anyone have a idea as to what it is worth?
  8. New Project Any information would be useful

    I have found that the Disc mount position is not standard. Once I unbolted it the holes have been gas cut out but you can see the standard position forward of it.
  9. Morning All. Just picked up the plough yesterday an I was wondering if anyone could recognise it as a known made. Some one has welded up the disc swivel but not to much wear on the disc bearing . the moldboard adjuster has freed off ok and it just need a clean and paint.
  10. My Kermit tractor with new hydraulic plough lift

    Nice Job ! got to make thee old girls work for us
  11. Plough

    Hi Just noticed your profile picky is of my Gutbrod 1032 where I have created hydraulic rear linkage.
  12. peerless transaxle overhaul

    This is great. Thanks for the information . It also explains why there is so little info out there for this transaxle. It is still going and I will try to keep it in good order
  13. peerless transaxle overhaul

    It had gear oil in when I drained it , but the tractor is new to me and not sure of its history. I do not think that gear oil is correct form the trans hydro pump.
  14. peerless transaxle overhaul

    Merry xmas all!! Well had to get out in the workshop to escape from wrapping paper and roast spuds today. Decided to overhaul the trans axle on my Hayter lawn tractor. It is a Peerless 205 series and the information available is very sketchy. What oil do I run in the Hydrostatic pump??? I know that the diff requires gear oil and I drained gear oil out of the pump but I am sure this is not correct. I have read that people have use 20/50w engine oil, motor cycle oil , hydraulic oil and oil supplied by a part number . In my experience I would use ATF in the hydrostatic pump but what would you all suggest ??????? HELP please
  15. Have a little garden clear up !

    Brought out another one of the machines yesterday for a little garden clearing. 13hp chipper shreader. Noise but dose a great job towed with the old faithful Westwood.
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