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  1. Gutbrod 1030

    Hope this helps
  2. Getting the Food Plots Ready

    Nice piece of work
  3. My new attempt at making my plough work

    You,ll need more horse power next
  4. Early xmas present !

    Just had a go with it as a hedge cutter in the upright position, works quite well but would be better on my Gutbrod 1032 with the reduction hubs in to slow down forward speed and increase blade speed
  5. Early xmas present !

    No sign of any Date plate under the rear hitch . I will keep investigating. I didn,t know if the Manuel has any real value or whether its just a nice thing to have. It has a original sales leaflet as well . Some of the data is definitely interesting.
  6. Early xmas present !

    I am guessing around 50s but maybe someone could tell me its year? Cutter dose work well . I tryed it on very short grass and it still cuts .
  7. Early xmas present !

    Opps ! How did that happen ? I was driving down the road and I found this in my trailer Just bought another tractor. Allen Oxford Motostandard with finger bar mower and including a gen owners and parts manual. Everything works great and the only missing thing is one front indicator lens is missing . Now need some long grass to mow .
  8. My new attempt at making my plough work

    Are you going to us a mould board extension? . Good progress so far
  9. Latest from our ploughing matches over the last 2 weeks

    Fantastic work chaps , George you look younger than i thought in your JCB overalls.
  10. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    Just a few pickys of the new hitch point with the three different widths and the tow point on the lower arms
  11. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    That looks like a standard Gutbrod rear linkage. As mine is home made do you think it would benefit from me shortening the plough beam as it is very long?
  12. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    Great information! Its really good to establish what I have got and some history. Cheers
  13. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    Lable looks like new ..lol I was looking for one of these for ages. I think mine is a very early plough
  14. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    Found this one on the net, I believe it was marketed by Wheelhorse but not sure
  15. Local ploughing match

    Great looking work George!
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