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C81 and finger bar.

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 Got a little job down at a local garden centre. New owners have bought it and opened a tearoom/café. The grounds where plants etc were grow/displayed is rather overgrown. Did a deal with the owner. Cut down an overgrown area for a load of firewood.

  This morning set too with the C-81 and finger/sickle bar.










  Most of the tall growth is/was fruit tree saplings. Seemed a shame to cut them down, but the new owners want the grounds cleared up then they can decide what to do.

  Lost a couple of bolts that hold finger bar to gearbox so had to call it a day. Loaded tractor onto trailer then 42 bags of cut firewood. Replaced the missing bolts tonight and all is ready for the morning. I'll check bolts periodically from now one. The finger bar don't half vibrate even at low speed.

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