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DO NOT repeat DO NOT let Mr Showman tow your caravan

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While at our favourite, favorite for those of you across the pond, hunting ground yesterday, Chris decided to tow one of John's caravans to a more scenic spot.  It had been tucked away hidden from view for years.  Chris thought it would make a nice tea and chat room for the many visitors we get to view John's rapidly decreasing piles of scrap metal and general junk.


I was a bit dubious but Chris reminded me that he had years of experience towing caravans, old and new, for one of the main dealers.  Reassured with this news I said go ahead and went off to attend to others matters.


A few minutes later Chris came looking for me with a VERY RED face.  "I'm sorry" he managed to force out of his mouth, floods of tears rolling down his cheeks, and his lips trembling. "I've had a little accident, don't know how it happened, but it could have been the rough ground, that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it".  I was horrified. A perfectly good caravan RUINED.  " It's never happened to me before, Chris managed to mumble", before bursting into more floods of tears.  At this stage I began to feel a bit sorry for him and made him ANOTHER cup of tea.  After he had regained his composure and started to look a bit more cheerful, he asked if I would take a photo of him posing as if he had just killed a wild animal.  You can see this photo below.


It was decided that repairs could probably be made without having to claim on Chris's insurance, which was just as well as he informed me that he didn't have any.  Anyway, for those of you with weak hearts, close your eye's before viewing the photo's below.




Finally,  if you decide to get Chris to move your caravan, make sure it is well wrapped in bubble wrap or cotton wool.  You have been WARNED.



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