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Calf dozer

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This is my latest purchase and arguably my favorite one yet. An aveling barford calf dozer, a very early one being the hopper cooled one and the original 800cc dorman Petrol engine. A beast of a machine and built to with stand the test of time. Due to the nature of use, usually these machines are worn out but this one is pretty good in my opinion. Starts easily and will run all day. Has the front blade with it and drawbar. Wanted one of these for a while and now finally have one:D.

here are some pictures for you guys.IMG_4296.PNG.d9eb234033940d074d1ce8f81c40137c.PNGIMG_4297.PNG.525534c6713437f21261eee812515a6d.PNGIMG_4298.PNG.c00cd33a3cb06cef1f1630d167497dfc.PNGIMG_4299.PNG.b54e36e51a50c75528d1569f2ee74908.PNG

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6 hours ago, Anglo Traction said:

Nice 'Dirt Shifter' :thumbs:. Good find and in good nick visually. I take it you have the Air Filter?:)

Unfortunately I don't, but will source a replacement asap

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