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Kubota 7100 1978 project

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10 hours ago, Wristpin said:

Use them to make a mold to create fibre glass replicas - or is the mention of fibre glass a hanging offence?

No that’s exactly what ime going to do, sort off , ime going to anti rust them then glass the inside then cut most of the treated rust out of the outside and see what I end up with, it’s only tempery until I can source some

1 hour ago, the showman said:

Use a spare wheel well from the boot of a scrap car ?

To big chris

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7 hours ago, the showman said:

I used a vauxhall vectra one on the Trogan I restored, looked really good, got some photos somewhere 

Yes I remember mate it looked great but these mudguards are much bigger , I glassed them now I think they will be ok

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Mudguards on



Then I found a very expensive problem



I filled it up with water and it pissed out what I thought was the water pump so took it off and found it wasn’t a water pump ,it a housing that the alternator is fitted to so rang kubota up, comes as one whole unit with alternator £237 , that made me nearly piss my pants😡why can’t you buy just the alloy bit, and where is the water pump?

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13 hours ago, Chris said:

All those years with out anti freeze taken there toll on the Ali castings. Maybe thermo syphoned system??

Your right Chris thermo syphoned system, new one on me 

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