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After having a chat with an exhibitor at the Smallholders show i thought i had a chance of getting rid of some more stuff out of my shed and freeing up some space. :)

He asked me if i had a plough I could help him out with , :D I told him i had a choice of 4 and to come and have a look.

He arrived and picked one but when it came to payment he offered me a mower as he was short of cash :( so at the end of the day I've ended up with no cash and less room than when i started , :rolleyes:.

He told me that he'd had it a number of years and it had always been dry stored and that it hadn't run for a couple of years.

After cleaning out the fuel tank and the filter in the banjo fitting it started with the second kick, needless to say it took off up the garden and i had to run to catch it up. :angry:.

It runs real sweet and cuts what's left of the grass, I don't think Pam's to impressed with it when I said I'll keep it for her to use but it gave her a laugh watching me running round the garden clinging onto the handles.

Heres some photos, and info greatly received.








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