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  1. Wondering if you can display a better pic of the fuel mix instructions etc. Thanks, Don
  2. Am I to assume the tank is a fuel tank that was somehow filled?
  3. Thanks Dave, It's a Champion VG2 Plug
  4. We found this in the Cottage Attic, apparently it was built by my Father in Law many years ago. After some lubricating I managed to free up the motor, the spark plug is in good shape but need to test. Apparently he use to run this on lighter fluid? I just need to figure what I am missing in order to fire it up. The plan is to leave the boat in its current Patina. I will build a new stand. Windshield parts were in the boat, I will re-affix as many of the original parts as possible. Not really looking to ever run this in water again. It never had a rudder, you only hoped it would run out of fuel before hitting anything on the lake. What's the motor missing? Are there any schematics on this site? Category for this type of project? Many thanks to the knowledge base on this site Cheers, Don in Canada
  5. Attached are some pics of the cable rod that runs under the board, if you need more detail let me know Cheers,
  6. BabaBooey


  7. David, thanks for your reply. It goes to show how valuable these forums are, for whatever your playing with. My buddy has old video of himself sitting in his brothers lap while driving this Cart in California, I'll try & link it some day. Cheers, Don
  8. Hi All, This is my 1st post as I am new to this forum & hope the knowledge within will provide answers to my ?'s. A friend who grew up in California recently gave me this Toby Cart he used as a kid. It was produced by the Halicki company in Gardena California, sometime in the 60's. The motor is an Ohlsson & Rice, J II .85, the carb, & gas tank are missing so I am on the hunt for both. I have gone thru the motor & all is good to go! This is meant as a display piece so there is no panic or urgency to grab parts. You won't catch me or anyone I care for trying it out! Would the carb be the same as the J I & J III? if so what source if any? where could I get a steel tank? There is not much info available about "Toby Cart" on the internet period. This is what I've researched so far & hope I have it correct. Toby Halicki moved to California when he was 15 & started pumping gas, within 2 years he owned his own body shop & eventually ended up with his own wrecking yard, he started building hot rods & custom cars, fixing wrecks etc, he took real estate classes & ended up buying commercial properties, later he was tapped to do stunt driving in movies & eventually caught the acting bug. He took acting class & ending up writing a script (1974) to a movie titled "Gone in 60 Seconds". The movie was not that successful in N America but Europe loved it & he made millions. Unfortunately Toby died while filming Gone in 60 #2 (1989) on location in Buffalo, a stunt went wrong & he was hurt by a downed telephone pole. An avid collector, Toby also owned one of the worlds largest toy & automobile collections. Thanks for looking & feel free to correct or add info. Sincerely, Don M Ont Canada
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