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  1. A quick update.... first attempt to starts this gem will be next saturday
  2. Just a bucket with a rebar cage type construction inside, water and soda crystals. I just pulled the boat impeller part out and gave it a wipe. Before and after pics attached. People have to remember this is set up, switch on, have a coffee, do some odd jobs around the house, have some food, sit n read the paper with a coffee, switch off, pull it out to check and look at in wonder, then repeat. Finish off with a rinse and a wipe. Not as fast as attacking it with an angle grinder but much more chilled and the kids are impressed with all the science stuff. Looking good so far!
  3. Just showing off my wee set-up. I use it for anything covered in a rusty crust. Currently making carrot and corriander soup for dinner hence the set-up being in the kitchen😜. Ok its the prop guard from my Atco boatimpeller before it possibly goes for powdercoating with a bag of bits from other projects not decided on the finish yet. The powder coating guy only charges me a nominal £5 or £10 for each item if I do all the hard work. Wiping the sludge off and a quick wire brush isnt really hard work. In the interests of safety it is sat next to an open window. Due to the success of this set-up I have tried zinc plating but the 12v charger appears to be just a little bit harsh leaving things furry. Im going to try it again with only a couple of volts from a battery. I'll try and post the results if successful.
  4. Ok think im getting somewhere. Pre war/Mk 1 Villiers Midget?
  5. Defo an air cooled Atco. Apparently a whopping 3/4 hp (thats three quarters) so won't win any races against a longtail in Thailand. Most of the ones I have seen have the heated carry handle better known as an exhaust that goes the full length of the upper section and gets very hot apparently. This has the dumpy muffler. The carb is the standard villiers fitted to many Seagulls. I literally have a bucket full of these as spares. Not sure about the jetting. Im not familiar with Atco but I have revived many Villiers Seagulls. Im more of a sypathtic repairer/restorer who likes to see a machine with a few battle scares that could tell a tale or two but I may spend a little more time on this one. Many thanks for the info Atco was up against the likes of Seagull whos engines claimed to be two or three times the hp and weighed less. Atco decide to stick to what they knew and apparently made a good little business out of it.
  6. Just picked this up as a future project. Always wanted one Im pretty familiar with the villiers workings but Im struggling for information. Loads of history but not much technical stuff. It looks as if it has been well cared for at some point winterised then stored. Appreciate any help.
  7. Ok I recon the green recoil and two small pulleys are off a BSA 49/50cc stationary engine.
  8. I bought a bag of villiers recoil bit n bobs. All I needed from the bag was a couple villiers/siba recoil springs. Im not a lawnmower man so I am left with this handfull of recoil parts (two pairs of pulleys, two cups and a recoil with only the washers and an insert missing?)I have no Idea what they are off. The only bit I think I might be close to identifing is the recoil bottom right which might be off a villiers stationary engine??? I would like to know what they are from but also open to honest offers. Two smaller pulleys fit the recoil pictured. To good to bin em!
  9. Followed the guide above but used a piece of feeler gauge instead of floss. Everything slides right in. Held my breathe when the spring dropped down and hit the arm. Might attempt to make a spare spring out of the 0.003" feeler. Happy days!
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