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  1. Phyliss

    Hayter 56 Roller

    As mentioned the freewheels have two indentations, that if struck with a suitable punch, should start unscrewing. Prior to this there should be a collar that is undone the same. Rotation wise if the shaft is clamped vertically in a vice ( on an area of the shaft that isn't used as a bearing surface) the collar will be uppermost. This & freewheels come off anticlockwise from looking down on the shaft end. In between the freewheels is a plastic cover and possibly two shims. Assembly wise I don't think my method is right but I tighten them up with a suitable drift against a tooth of the sprocket. Writing on the sprocket should face you as you wind them on. Hope this makes sense.
  2. Phyliss

    Hayter 56 Roller

    The chain jamming is the first issue that draws your attention to the rest of the drive. The mower goes forward but won't pull backwards. Generally the bush behind the gear wears allowing the shaft to be baggy resulting in a slack chain. No tensioner is fitted so a new chain is required. Also check the cover hasn't worn.
  3. Phyliss

    Hayter 56 Roller

    The Hayter 56 (type 340 I think) had the circlip holding the sprocket on. If it doesn't shift with pry bars a little heat may be required but with the risk of damaging the bronze / plastic bush behind. In the past I have cut away the sprocket as close to the shaft as possible. Once the sprocket is off you should find a thin half moon key that transfers the drive. These can also be a pain to get out.
  4. Phyliss


    I have found a later photo of the tractor! After googling "1954 BMB President" one of the pictures led me eventually to VPG 581. Looking at this picture deepened my thoughts as I recognised the location & exhibit number sheet to be the Cuckoo Fayre held in May at Laughton near Lewes, West Sussex. Another google search "1954 BMB President Cuckoo Fayre" shows it (on my computer) as the 2nd photo. Possibly a SEVAC member now owns it? Photo taken May 2011
  5. Phyliss

    Briggs engine id

    Hello Chris, I just had a look at "Briggs Bits". Entered your model number and a few parts pages are available to view. Had 296824 for the coil (possibly old number) & 29861 for the condensor. Best have a look yourself to confirm.
  6. Phyliss


    Lovely restoration Alan. Have done a vehicle check & it's taxed (£0 to pay) till 1st December 2017 so still on the road somewhere. Registered September 1954.
  7. Phyliss

    Kingsfold Vintage Rally

    I spent most of the morning getting the Fordson winch tractor organised, on the trailer & made it nearly there but my Major had a few issues so had to turn round & head back. Stationary engines are now loaded & on there way shortly ( & hopefully)
  8. Phyliss


  9. Phyliss


    A big thanks to Chris for transporting it to it's new home. Also thank you to Alan & John for assisting with making a path for removal from the barn. I'm looking forward to getting both the tractors sorted and out & about. . Certainly beats repairing mowers & stripping jet engines; just doesn't pay the bills
  10. Phyliss


    Picked up tonight so the next time i'm with it i'll do some measurements for you.
  11. Phyliss


    The International initially needs a pair of rear tubes & tyres along with possibly & rear axle seal. There appeared to be a few small water leaks having put water in but having sat for a long while it isn't to bad. The clutch might free up ok but time will tell. After i found only one injector pipe squirting i removed the plate from the side of the injector pump. This revealed 3 stuck plungers with one of them being stubborn to shift. After an hour all were free, injectors bled & after a bit of heat away it went. There was a panic initially as the throttle lever works the opposite way to my Major so as it started & revved i had to hold it on the stop till i worked out why. Paint wise i think it's had a fresh coat prior to John acquiring it. All good fun, thanks Alan for yours' & Johns help & photos. Philip
  12. Phyliss


    I'm not sure. I'll have to do some research although i believe the RAF sometimes used the Industrial spec model N, some with lighting & drum brakes etc. This one may just be a winch tractor for tree work etc but with the date on the winch (if that's what it is) dated May 1944 & the tractor a similar age, give or take a month, it may have been with the RAF or similar.
  13. Phyliss

    The Ardingly Small Holders Show

    Looks like a good show Chris with plenty of variety in your section. I haven't been for about 20 years when I used to attend with the family & stationary engines. I might have to look into bringing the RJ next year. Philip
  14. Phyliss


    It's had a bit of a wash today followed by a spray of diesel to 'enhance' the rust Todays push / pull vehicle was my Fordson Major, which being dated to 1954 makes it only 10 years newer than the N. Some where in between the two came the E27N Fordson (1945 to 1952). Unfortunately the O/S/F tyre didn't stay on the bead but did stay on the wheel. Re-positioning the bar got it moving in the right direction but did bend the bar. The bluey green isn't the correct colour for the N as it should be green throughout (excluding the wheels) but if i can get it running it may be left as is for a while. The offside wing was also loosened to allow it to pivot back round into its correct place. Now the drive chain & gears can be seen. Having left diesel in the bores to loosen the rings the next job is to fit new front tyres & tubes & possibly strip the carb' to stop it flooding. Philip
  15. Evening all, Wiston passes arrived today.