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  1. Vinnetrow


  2. Vinnetrow

    Project "Why Not"

    The copper exhaust pipes on the Villiers Twin could withstand the heat, even with a 180 degree bend. I know brass has a lower boiling point, but they should be okay, if not slightly discoloured
  3. My Dad pick this up this morning for a tenner. All I can find is a grainy image of a lawn edger that was once for sale, so any ideas? i assume it was one of those engines that was bolted to many small machines.
  4. Building on a budget always brings out the best ingenuity and ideas!
  5. Vinnetrow

    What is it

    Table and chairs
  6. Vinnetrow

    2015 Show Season Edit

    haha, I had just found this piece of music, and thought, 'hey, that'll make a cool montage type video!'
  7. Vinnetrow

    2015 Show Season Edit

    I got bored the other day, so I made a short edit of this years show season Where's the bar?!
  8. Vinnetrow

    Ploughing tractor build.

    Should give you some nice low gearing for ploughing, right?
  9. Vinnetrow

    Solway Rally.

    I think the last car is a Saab 96. It looks like a V4 model, but some had inline 3 2-stroke engines, how freaking cool is that?! They sound awesome
  10. Vinnetrow

    Ploughing tractor build.

    Please keep us updated! Thats a nice front axle, never seen that before myself
  11. I did a terrible job a taking photos, but here's a video for whoever's intersted
  12. Held near Lavant, Chichester, this show boasts a unique working area that allows for old combines, threshers and balers to be put into action
  13. Vinnetrow

    Rudgwick Steam & Country Show - 2015

    it does sound great with that huge v-twin diesel turner engine I dont actually have a picture of the tractor, it probably had a crowd of people around it when i went past with the camera