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  1. dubscum

    Trojan toraktor

    what a great little tractor
  2. dubscum


  3. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    Derrick the rat cat always plays close attention that my project well that escalated quickly just googling some parts dealers in the uk for lombandini bits.
  4. dubscum

    yard pro

    is it for sale, I learnt to drive in one, had it as a farm car when i was growing up. So ugly its beautiful
  5. dubscum

    yard pro

    i like the morris etal estate in the back ground
  6. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    Got a flywheel puller but not used it yet but I love the new tyres and sprayed wheels
  7. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    I've brought new tyres and the wheels are being shot blasted, i was hoping to put it all back together and use it, Nevermind look like a simple engine and i rather get it all sorted while it on axle stands.
  8. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    i got a starter motor, to find out the flywheel is worn, there is some end float, resulting in movement away from the starter pinion, I need to start taking the engine apart to find the source of the problem., I presuming its a worn crank bearing
  9. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

  10. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    With the lombardini 510 being a old engine I've struggled to find the correct starter motor. But after a few emails to a very helpful staff member at lombardini I think I've found it. £230 is more then I wanted to pay but I can't find another. quick game of spot the difference http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u559/dubscuminit/4C7D5273-27C0-4EFA-B10B-DF97A259E474_zpsd6fbrxdq.jpg[/IMG] http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u559/dubscuminit/F22F0A74-1072-4156-A062-8E9846079E0A_zps7thkil1p.jpg[/IMG] http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u559/dubscuminit/6193DECA-34EC-49C8-B80D-A8A88143C165_zpswpai2jov.jpg[/IMG] http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u559/dubscuminit/9F5A64B7-CB40-4515-8444-32FA16F278E7_zpsaraw5x92.jpg[/IMG] then added the anti theft device http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u559/dubscuminit/D7E7C4F1-0A02-479A-8C60-271F6303A082_zpsju8k9nlt.jpg[/IMG] all without waking Derrick up .......oh and this happened http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u559/dubscuminit/3B2FA639-881C-437F-AB6E-C8EBE17CAE01_zpsvzilmhg8.jpg[/IMG] widest I could find were 7.5 (@ 15) the turf tyres on are 9 wide. I've had plenty of stretched tyres on banded steels but not a tractor
  11. dubscum

    Wheel Horse D-160 AG Tires On

    I have 15x9 rears with turf tyres. I long for AG tyres. Even coincided pupping 15.3 x 9 with a inner tube and hope for the best
  12. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    Found this while internet searching,
  13. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    haha it would have more room in your garage. Put a battery on i had in the garage, the light and starter work but not the indicators, i had a look in the fuse box and the indicator fuse was missing, so i put one in and it started turning the starter motor, I took the fuse back out
  14. dubscum

    The Ferrari.

    didn't realise the rears tyres are tubeless. took the flat tyre (wheel) off to have a look and the valve came off in my hand, I bought a new valve and my mate (with a tyre machine) unbeaded the tyre and put the new value in, but couldn't get the bead to sit after and had to fill it with cheap hair spray and light it. Problem solved, I fitted the starter motor that came with it, and the pinion is too small, it turns the engine but then slips, Anyone know what size (starter motor) pinion i need for a Lombadini 510 ? or shall i just stop being tight and buy the correct starter motor ? plans are wheels off shot blasted and powder coated cream. Proper tractor style exhaust, and tractor style tyres. leave the patina paint and maybe a loader, for now get it running and have a working rolling project.
  15. dubscum

    John Deere 2140

    nothing runs like a deere