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  1. woz

    3 phase band saw electrics

    ill do a propper job of removing the neg/earth loop..i wasnt sure about the wiring so just snipped it to try it...the farms on very dodgy old wiring so iv had to learn how to wire the shed etc.at the time.i really didnt see much point in hammering a 5ft earth rod through stoney ground......im glad titch nagged me about rcd's and earths now really
  2. woz

    3 phase band saw electrics

    this is the bottom right of the control box where the power comes in...the blue (negative) which was looped to the earth, iv snipped the loop and taped it ,, the blue looped cable looks factory,was run up into the conduit and is in the same shrink wrap as the earth,,,could there be any reason that it has been wired like this??
  3. woz

    3 phase band saw electrics

    your right..............i'll post a few pics tommororow...........its got a control panel/box and where the main power comes in above that where the power was distributed the negative had been piggy backed accross to the earth? it looks factory? i snipped the loop and it works fine...it has had a new power cable and plug fitted and im guessing the previous owner thought it was knackered and stuck it in the auction........3 phase scares me to death ......thanks for your replies chaps warwick
  4. hi, our house is fed with 3 phase it runs straight into 3x 25 amp wire fuses from there it goes to my old workshop.again to wire fuses..iv moved the workshop to a bigger shed..iv run a 6mm 5 core cable accros to the new shed from the 25 amp fuses in the house.....in the new shed iv used a 64 amp twist on/off switch then to a plastic box as described below 16A 5 pin socket 3P + N + E IP44 (no overload protection) 32A 5 pin socket 3P+N+E IP44 ( no overload protection) 4 Pole RCD 63A 30mA 2 Pole RCD 63A 30mA 2 x 16amp MCBs 2 x 240V 16A 3 pin Commando Industrial Socket IP44 (RCD and overload protected) Enclosure dimensions: H 240mm, W 190mm, D 150mm Dimensions with sockets: H 240mm W 300mm D 150mm. We can change sockets on request, please send us a message prior to buy. 400V3phase16A&32A 5 Pin RCD Industrial Socket +240V16A 3pin .Distribution board. my 300 amp butters mig/400 amp inverter stick and plasma all work fine no issues........ yesterday i bought a BIG horizontal 3 phase band saw,it was getting dark when i got home so unloaded it straight into the old shed on wire fuses,plugged it in and it worked great..today i managed to get the saw into the new shed, plugged it in and it just pops the rcd..i have turned the master switch to off on the band saw and it still trips the rcd...if i run the saw with our standby generator it works fine any ideas could well be a big help
  5. woz


  6. woz

    Project "Why Not"

    iv never seen such a great paint job done with rattle cans......absolute credit to you..
  7. woz

    Wheelhorse axle brackets and or rockshaft wanted.

    if you can get a pic and sizes of what you want ill fab them up for you
  8. woz

    c120 auto

    i bought it to break as i needed the pto clutch.....dash......carb etc etc......i thought id fit a starter motor and see what it went like.......im really impressed with it....ill post a video of it as soon as it uploads.....
  9. woz

    kohler starter

    hi, im looking for a 12 hp kohler starter motor if anyone has one lurking?? many thanks woz
  10. woz

    c120 auto

    iv managed to buy a c120 auto (pics to follow)......what are the gearboxes like??
  11. woz

    stiga villa

    and i thought it was just me that played like that...........
  12. woz

    E- tank.

    i was wondering what it would be like for wheel horse tin work?? iv got access to a shot blaster but it really isnt a job i like and i guess it will bend the panels
  13. woz

    E- tank.

    is it a few days to wait or hours? any before and after pics of stuff thats been through the process??
  14. id of made you an offer but being french and left hand drive
  15. woz

    E- tank.

    what is this project for???