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Another member of the fleet

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It was Neil's old one and I was expecting it to go for more but I think i paid a fair price in the end. Was good to finally meet him as I'm only down the road in Glastonbury. He's got a very nice and big collection.

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I am delighted that it went to a fellow enthusiast and I'm sure Darren is gonna enjoy her, I only wished I had time to spend on giving the 856 the TLC that she deserves .

This tractor is very rare here in UK as I only know of 3 others , I'm sure there must be more out there but still they are are rare find.

She needs a little tinkering & a good cleaning to get her going but when she was is running she was a strong & quick tractor .

I was quite reluctant to let her go but I had just bought a new to me Pick up and so needed some fund to recuperate , but I am delighted that someone will enjoy the 856 as much as I did.

Here is my latest arrival

More on her later


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