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Ploughing tractor build.

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Got my front hubs today, very happy with how they turned out. Total cost of all parts and machine work £60.




Now that i can measure the width of the front axle i can make a start on narrowing the rear axle. The Vitara axle has a offset diff so i need to remove 280mm from one axle tube and 320mm from the other. Once cut i will add a sleve to strengthen the tube and the half shafts will be sent out to be shortened.


Need to go now and get a lend of a slide hammer to get the half shafts out and then the cutting can begin.

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Finally getting back to this project.

Spent the day cutting down the axle tubes. Sorry, forgot to take photo's. I was able to cut the hub off the tube, shorten the axle and then sweat the hub back on again. It still needs to be fully welded also.

Half shafts are going to be sent to my local machine shop to be shortened. They will be cut and then machined mortice and tennon style, sweated together and then a sleve welded over the joint.



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