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A day in the Lake District.

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  Last Saturday up and out by 6-45 for a little trip out to the Honister slate mine. Myself and a mate to marshal on the Veteran Sports Car Clubs Lakeland Trial. Competitors come from far and wide to take part. In cars rangin from a 1914/20 Vauxhall A Type special to a 1930 Lea-Francis P type.

 We found ourselves high above the Slate mine workshops and visitor centre at the finish of the section. It was one heck of a steep climb and I was thank full we could drive up in the Disco. 

To say it was chilly up there would be an understatement.  :brr: A cold, North wind blowing over the mountain top. I was pleased I had the foresight to take my quilt lined tank suit. 

  Here's some photo's I manged to take of some of the cars waiting to return back down. Passengers had to walk for safety reasons.


The view down.



Cars waiting to go back down.



1928 Chrysler 75 4 ST Tourer.



1930 Frazer Nash Super SPORTS.



1930 Ford Model A Special on the left. 1930 Austin Ulster 2nd left.  Far right. 1929 Riley MK IV.



1921 GN Touring. An interesting chain drive arrangement to the rear axle. Also no valve gear covers or front brakes.






1930 Austin 7 Ulster.



Not sure about this Ford. Could be a '29 Model T or '29 A.



1930 Austin 7 Special



1925 GN Anzani. Again chain drive and no front brakes.



1935 Austin 7 and 1921 Ford T Special.



 You may have noticed the lack of front brakes on one or two cars. These cars went down attached to the front of the Land Rover shown in the first photo;



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Great photo's Norm, thanks for posting them.    I do find it hard to turn off the part of my brain that looks at the 27 T and thinks hot rod :D


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