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New Workshop Build

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Odd!  I've just plugged a second keyboard in and now the enter button on both keyboards is working!

While the weather was dry I gave some more of the outside woodwork a slap over with some wood preservative..

Unfortunatly the log cabin effect bits have had a coat or two of varnish so I will have to wait for another nice dry day and sand it all off before slapping the brown stuff on!







A bit more cladding was done inside yesterday using what ever boards we could find.. I quite like the mish mash of different planks :D





I should have enough planks to board up over the door and down the other side..

But that's for another day as all yesterdays sawing has knackered my right shoulder!!

All part of the fun eh! :lol:



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On 1/14/2020 at 10:15 AM, the showman said:

Good progress Ian, looking good. :thumbs:


Thanks mate, it will look better once it's finished.. but i do like the mish mash of different bit's of cladding inside :)



On 1/14/2020 at 5:03 PM, pmackellow said:

Looking good mate :thumbs:


Hope its surviving in all this wind and rain ! :(



Thanks Paul.. It did survive the wind and rain last month... as for the Sunday just gone.........



On 1/14/2020 at 6:51 PM, Alan said:

Work will slow down now that the kettle has been brought back to life.  :yankchain:


Nah... The coffee's help warm our hands thus making them work better :lol:



As always progress has been slow, but it's getting there and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Or should that be "light through the window" that's getting fitted tomorrow  B)


The wall in the last photo in my last update has been finished....   The curve in the wall adds character.





The next wall on the "To be clad" hit list was the big wall in the shed section...  I think the random not matching planks look great.. The dark planks were my old garden gate!    Yep, I like to recycle..





Another one of thos milestone has been reached... You know your getting somewhere when the white paint goes on :lol:







I also painted as much of the "shed end" as I could with all the bit's piled up against the wall.

The next day even more stuff got piled up on the pile as I had to clear a lot of space for....





More cladding... Having finally run out of wood to recyle as cladding I got 5 8x4 sheets of OSB to finish the cladding and put the wall up between the shed and workshop....





Well, that was the plan.....



Until the strong winds removed a large part of my felt roof!!


So two (and a bit) of the sheets have been used as tempoary rather large roof tiles until I can get some heavy duty felt..... And then hope there will be a nice wind and rain free day!





In other workshack news the bench has been taken down, the corner cleared of bit's and a frame has been built to fit the window in the back wall...

Here it is wedged in the frame to check for fit..

Ok, the view isn't great, but it will be a lot better when the wood has been removed so you can actually see out  :lol:


Ok, even when the wood is removed the view is only of a couple of garage roofs.... But the light and heat that it will create in the shack will make it more than worth it :thumbs:





And that is the build up to date, but for those of you who need a video fix... here it is.... Enjoy..



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