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New Workshop Build

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Hi all, as most of you will know I'm moving on to pastures er.. smaller, which means a new workshop in my garden.

This is really a tale of 2 sheds and a demo-cabin as you will see..


As this is a budget build I needed to find/use as much recycled wood as possible, which is where shed No 1 comes in.


A big thank you to my Wife's daughter Lisa for letting me have a shed that wasn't going to be used..

No photo's of it before it was taken down, but here's one showing how it arrived at my place :D





This is where the demo-cabin comes into things.

There used to be a company trading at the end of the nursery (when my current workshop is) that sold posh wooden cabins..

To show their wares they had a demo cabin built that had different cladding on each side ond inside!

Companys come and go, and this one went leaving the demo cabin behind for at least 5 years, maybe longer....


HHmm... Look at all that usable wood thinks me... :D

One chat later and I had bought it for the amazing price of £50 :lol:

Of course no photo's of the cabin before Rob and I started taking it apart, but here's a couple of the naked frame.







The only problem using used materials is they tend to have lot's of nails/screws/big staples holding them together which means a lot of the timber came off looking like this!





All the wood and tools were transported about the site on this trolley thingy.





Having taken the timber off it needed to be stored somewhere.. yep the workshop!

This will give you a clue as to the vast amount of wood came off the cabin and this is only the ouside, inside and roof cladding!











The cabin also coame with this funky double glazed window that opens both ways!






WS 9.jpg

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Shed No 3 I actually had already in the garden, but it was showing it's age with a rotten back panel, and load of rot else where..

Still, a lot of usasble panels on it :D


As it tradition, no photo's of it complete, but here's most of it leaning against the bungalow.





Under the shed was this mess, the concrete post did come in handy for resting pallets on though :thumbs:






Yep the base of the new workshop will be pallets with a layer of OSB Board.





Lyla in pallet watch :D





The weather has been against us with this build, lot's of rain most of the time it felt!

Eventually the cabin frame came down, here it is along with the posh door that needs some rot sorting out.





Best get it all home then.. And before you ask... No I didn't transport this lot on the roof of a car :lol:







Loads more to follow, but not tonight.. I need to relax with a cider :D

WS 22.jpg

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1 hour ago, Stormin said:

Good to hear from you Ian. Enjoy your construction work.


No doubt Nigel will have transport the timber for you. Free of charge of course. :D

Not a chance my trailer wasn’t big enough we got mr Hobbs with his 7.5 tonner

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On 11/8/2019 at 8:24 PM, Stormin said:

Good to hear from you Ian. Enjoy your construction work.


No doubt Nigel will have transport the timber for you. Free of charge of course. :D


Hi Norm, I don't actually like woodwork, so no I'm not enjoying this build too much..

The weather hasn't helped, Rob and I can only get bit's done when it's not pissisting it down!


On 11/8/2019 at 10:03 PM, nigel said:

Not a chance my trailer wasn’t big enough we got mr Hobbs with his 7.5 tonner


Yeah it was a bit of a wide load for your trailer :D


When the weather was nasty I've been spending time at the workshop getting things dismantled and packed into boxes.

It's nice to have some space to do this now all the wood has been moved :thumbs:

A few mostly empty shelves and things like the bench grinder and storage unit unbolted from the bench/wall.





The lathe bench is very empty, taking the lathe off makes it a tad lighter to move.





The lathe is on the big bench along with a few packed boxes.





And all the Volvo running gear neatly plonked in one spot..

This all changed Saturday, when most of it was put on a pallet ready for a trip to Yorkshire tomorrow.





Sooo.. Back to the garden and the workshop and panels are slowly going up.


This is one end wall made from 1 shed side panel, the frame from the back wall of the demo-cabin and a lot of tongue and groove.





Leaning against the wall are one end panel for the small end of the workshop/shed and one of the back wall panels which is made from cabin floor frame and a shed rear panel.





And ready to go up is the other rear wall panel.

This was made using the cabin side wall frame and a side panel from a shed..

You can see where it's been extended in height by 3 boards and lengthened a bit as well.





What is a bit hard to see in the above piccy is the boarded up window opening.

This will get a window put in it at some point, some extra light in the workshop is always a handy thing :thumbs:



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Back wall and small end wall up..

Rob is enjoying a much deserved mug of coffee..

If your reading this Rob, thanks for all your help mate :thumbs:







As you will of noticed on the inside the workshop looks a mish-mash of panels..





But on the outside it looks a lot more presentable :D





The next "bit of fun"! is to sort the wall closest to the house out..

4 different angled walls, 1 window, 1 single door and 1 double door will make the next stage rather interesting! :lol:


Wish us luck :thumbs:

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Nothing like having a wooden shed with windows Ian.  My workplace is a brick / breeze block garage with no natural light unless the up and over door is open.  Internal door into the house is handy though for tea and biccy supply's.  Keep the photo's coming.

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On 11/11/2019 at 5:12 PM, Stormin said:

Looks a reasonable size, Ian. How big?


Hi Norm, not sure on the size, I will have to have a measure though the odd shape will make it intersting to work out.

I should point out that a small part of this will be a shed for all that garden stuff, so I will be losing a bit of space.....  But it will keep my Wife happy, so worth it :thumbs:


On 11/11/2019 at 7:17 PM, the showman said:

Looking good Ian, looks like your be in before Christmas 


Thanks mate, I hope to be in long before silly season, but that depends on the weather and how much energy I have!



On 11/11/2019 at 10:34 PM, Alan said:

Nothing like having a wooden shed with windows Ian.  My workplace is a brick / breeze block garage with no natural light unless the up and over door is open.  Internal door into the house is handy though for tea and biccy supply's.  Keep the photo's coming.


Hi Alan, yeah you can't beat a wooden shack, without heating they feel much warmer than a brick/concrete garage..

A few more photo's coming.  :thumbs:



A small update..

The next bit of frame has gone up, the opening with the two planks fixed accross is where the shed (not workshop) door will go.. well, it will once I've cut a couple of inches off the base and fixed the rotten door bottom.

The last remaining open bit of the small end wall has been clad filling in that gap, but I've not taken a pic of that.





Rob roughly putting the next door post in place to have a look..





Speaking of doors... Here are the two workshop doors roughly in place..

One door isn't quite wide enough, and as there isn't a long enough bit of wall to get the doors side by side without loosing a window, round the corner they have to go :D





It's amazing what you can get find after a quick chat with the local builder who happened to be walking past..  :D

On the off chance your reading this Sam, thanks for the window :thumbs:

This window will go in the back wall at the top to let the sun and heat in.. Free light and warmth.. Worth the agro of taking the wall panel out to fit the window..




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On 11/11/2019 at 5:12 PM, Stormin said:

Looks a reasonable size, Ian. How big?


Hi again Norm, just for you I had a quick measure one boot in front of the other style..

Part of the construction is just for normal "shed use", garden tools, garden chairs etc, but....

The part that will be workshop if it was square (a bungalow is in the way) it would be about 13/14 ft per wall inside measurement.


Well, this workshop building lark is taking far longer that I first thought!

I can fairly blame it on the weather as last week and this week has just been a total wash-out!

That and I have just had to have a small op which means I need to rest for a few days..


But all being well I hope to be back on it Monday, and maybe (just maybe) have it water tight by the end of the week..


We shall see.


A few more progress snaps for you all.


Working out the roofing panels, here you can see two shed panels and a shed floor roughly in place..

This is all just to work out if I had enough sheets of osb to do the entire roof...

As it happens I don't so I will have to order a couple of 8 x 4 sheets today for delivery Monday.






We has window :D





A couple of snaps from slightly different angles.







Another inside shot, but this time with added cladding.





The log cabin effect :D

Yes the board on the left side does need to be trimmed down a tad.





Although it's hard to tell from the above photo all that's left to do "wall wise" is fit a door in the right hand opening and clad the bit on the left..

Might finish the bit above the double doors as well :D

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4 minutes ago, Stormin said:

Looking good, Ian. :thumbs:


Thanks Norm, it's getting there.


2 minutes ago, the showman said:

Good progress Ian and handy to have somewhere to put your cup. 


Thanks Chris.. yeah the frame is coming in handy for putting cups and other stuff..

It will all get clad eventually using what ever off cuts I have left.. So it should look interesting :D


Or were you taling about the gate post?

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On 11/29/2019 at 9:37 AM, the showman said:

The bit sticking out to the left of the window, last photo


Ahhh, the bit that I hadn't got around to cutting off yet... Asd it happens it finally got trimmed down yesterday.



On 11/29/2019 at 10:47 AM, Alan said:

The log cabin effect looks good Ian.   :thumbs:


Thanks Alan  :thumbs:

When the cladding was still attached to the demo cabin, no one ever saw the log cabin effect as it was tight against the hedge for years.

It's nice to give it some light after years in a hedge..


On 11/29/2019 at 2:13 PM, Anglo Traction said:

Looks like you've nearly 'got it nailed' Ian  :)!. 


Thanks mate, even if it is a corny joke :lol:



On 11/29/2019 at 6:43 PM, Stormin said:

The gap above the doors looks a good place for a fanlight. :thumbs:


The gap above the door is no more Norm as you will see shortly.


On 12/5/2019 at 8:28 PM, Cub Cadet said:

Good job Ian, look forward to seeing some wacky projects come out of the shed! :thumbs:


Thanks Ewan, it will be a while before any projects start, but I'm looking forward to building something that's not made of wood :D



Quite a lot has happened since I last updated this thread..

The smallest wall now reaches the ground apart from a small gap at the base so it doesn't rot with damp grass, a corner trim has been added and of course something to keep the roofing felt in place at the edges.





It's really hard to get a good photo down the side as it's so narrow, you can see most of the "shed bit" door, and the two types of cladding used.





A better view of things from the back garden.. The final bit at the base will be boarded up when the deep mud drys out and goes away.





A view through the door.





The inside has been clad around the window, apart from the bit below the window it looks rather fetching with some more log effect wood.

Below the window won't be seen once a desk and bit's are put in place.





Some more cladding going up.





And of course the all important coat hook :D



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With the new workshop finally 95% water tight the time had come to start moving stuff.

A big thank you to Nigel for helping me move all the big stuff :thumbs:





The new pad starting to fill up.





As the old place get's more empty..

When one of the most important tools get's packed away, you just know you are done at the place.. :lol:





Padlock going on...





And clamped up.....

It's been a fun 5 odd years with lot's of good builds and fun times :thumbs:





All of which means my new workshop looks like this!!!





A quick bench has been built, not quite at the "working kettle" stage yet, but getting there..





Some space has been made inside, but I can't really sort out where things are going (I do have some idea) until the rest of the inside is clad.

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On 12/31/2019 at 9:01 PM, Stormin said:

Be nice and cosy in there, Ian. Don't forget a socket for the kettle. :thumbs:


Hi Norm, cosy it certainly will be, but hopefully it won't feel cramped..

Me!! Forget the kettle!!!    As if :D



On 12/31/2019 at 9:11 PM, Alan said:

Getting there Ian.  :thumbs:  Keep the updates coming.


Thanks Alan, yep slowly getting there.. Here's another update for you all :thumbs:



On 1/3/2020 at 4:52 PM, meadowfield said:

Looking good Ian, look forward to the next project 


Thanks mate, I have a few ideas for smaller projects that will make building other projects easier and possible..  :D


After moving lot's of boxes and bit's about the place some space was found!






Even my tatty but comfortable chair was found.. :lol:





But most importantly this could happen... A moving moment as the 1st coffee's in the new shack were made :D:thumbs:





The insides of the double doors have been made more wind tight and strenthened with lot's of bit's of batten. They will get double skinned at some point.







Although I need to order some boards to clad the inside, I'm using what wood I have got at the moment..

So this small panel was clad with fake wooden floor stuff :D





To be continued shortly, the enter keys have both just died on my keyboard!

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