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Cub Cadet 128

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Yes Charlie its that model. Dont think the engines correct :huh:


Will have to find out


Spoke to my mate about his cub today. Hes willing to sell but I think he wants to mutch


The engine is not the original one but is the same as what was there. Non electric start


Did use to have a mower & snow blade but they are long gone


PM me if you want his number & more info

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Front steering components arrived last Friday, Mr Showman is fitting some longer wheel spindles to them so that I can

use Wheelhorse front wheels,as they are easier and cheaper to get hold of and with the correct bolt on fitment

they don't look any different from Cub Cadet wheels.


Mr Showman has the old wheels that were on the 128, I think they will turn up on a project somewhen... :)

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