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  1. Better Hurry, Auction is Tomorrow

    The early Rangies are really true off roaders, unlike the crap LR make today. Also you could work on them yourself. My V8 competition machine I built was Range Rover based.
  2. No Further Forward

    With his legs he'd have too.
  3. DOH!

    The battery on the C-81 stopped holding it's charge, so today I got a new one. Fitted it and tried to start the tractor. It does usually take a bit of spinning after standing for a while, but starts up after maybe 15 - 20 seconds. This time no go. Connected one of those plug testers and a good spark was evident. Off with the air filter and sprayed petrol in the carb. Fired up and then stopped. Did this a few times, all to no avail. Check the float bowl for dirt. Nice and clean but would not go back on. The seal kept dropping down. So off with the carb, bowl on and back on with the carb. The short fuel pipe 'tween carb and pump was a bit iffy, so I fitted a new piece. Before fitting the carb end, I decided to see if fuel was getting through the pump. Turn the engine over and...…….nothing. Then the penny dropped. I tried with FUEL TURNED ON. Runs now. DOH!
  4. Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you have a good one.
  5. Potato Lifter

    That chap on the tractor is giving an excellent demonstration.
  6. Good for them. H&S is out of hand over here. Whoever thinks up some of the rules and reg's needs to get a proper job.
  7. 5500 year old tomb Unearthed in Ireland

    I first read that as BOMB. My excuse is I didn't sleep to well last night.
  8. Now what to do with them?

    I've got some Wheel Horse parts and some Husqvarna bits. Now what shall I do with them? The transmission is 6 speed if I remember right. And though I'm not sure, I think you can change gear on the move. Someone may know better. Also I can't remember which is the front or back.
  9. Now what to do with them?

    Got quite a bit done today. Took the wheels up to the farm and burnt out the centres. Back home and into the lathe to clean them up. Then it was the turn of the hubs. They had to be bored out from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 bore. The eagle eyed will have noticed a chunk out of that hub. Not my doing. Like that when I got it. Honest Guv! The sleeves, as they now are, were inserted into the hubs. The sleeves were dimpled through the hub securing bolt holes and the bolts fitted. Next I drilled through hub and sleeve, tapping out 3/8 UNC to take a couple of grub screws. New keys were then made and then the assemblies fitted the drive shafts. I was going to fit two grub screws in each hub, but two was all I could find. So a good day in the workshop and that part of whatever is going to evolve finished. Next thing I think will be a chassis.
  10. Now what to do with them?

    Reverse works, Nigel. If I lose it some time in the future I'll have a look.
  11. Now what to do with them?

    Some useful info there, lads. This particular Spicer box came off a Husqvarna. Had a play with it today and it seems to have 6 forward and reverse. I'll have to see where I can add liquid grease now.
  12. Now what to do with them?

    It says Spicer on the case.
  13. Now what to do with them?

    Thanks for that info, Angus.
  14. Clean up

    Be a pity to drag them through the dirt now, Chris.
  15. Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    Paper work received today.
  16. Alarming.

    Thanks David. I'll look into that, though I'm not sure the yellow and green wires are long enough to fit connections.
  17. Alarming.

    Had this little alarm lying around at the back of the bench for some years. It was in a little hand held box with a push button. Carol's mother who had Parkinsons and was wheelchair bound and couldn't really speak used it to attract Carol's father's attention. I'd no idea what I was going to use it for, until yesterday. It is now fitted under the bonnet of the Sears/Roper. Link to video.Takes a couple of minutes. P1020339.MP4 Only works when ignition on, but I may wire it up to a micro switch under the seat.

    Just needs a little TLC.
  19. Kohler K181 carb adjustment

    The one on the side is the idle mixture. The one on top is the main jet mixture screw.
  20. Happy Birthday Nigel.

    All the Best, Nigel. Hope you have a good day.
  21. How Does This Help

    I've not seen or heard anything on our news about the incident you mention, Alain. Not saying it didn't happen though. As for the media encouraging things like that, of course they will. My personal opinion of the whole business is Trump should never have been invited. It would have saved the tax payers of this country one hell of a lot of money, that could have been put to far better use.
  22. It'll have a set of ag' tyres on before long, I bet.
  23. Removing a stuck main engine pulley shaft

    You could try turning the engine upside down and pouring diesel or hydraulic oil down the tube. You'll need to leave it like that for a week or two to allow the fluid to work it's way through. Heat is another option but you could damage the shaft seal.
  24. Removing a stuck main engine pulley shaft

    Can you post a photo? We will see the problem better.
  25. Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    Is that 220 horticultural exhibits, Kev?
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