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  1. Happy birthday Kev

    All the Best, Kev.
  2. Just one problem, Alan. Money! Or lack of it.
  3. I want the Dunelt. I want the Dunelt. I WANT THE DUNELT!
  4. Calf dozer

    I like that. Kind of cute.
  5. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    By 'eck! Not seen one of those for years.
  6. Ransomes mg2 weight.

    Get a trailer that will carry 1-1/2 ton or two. Twin axle. you never know how much more you will want to carry. One of those small plant trailers would be ideal.
  7. Happy birthday Harryt

    All the Best, young Harry. Hope you've got some handy presents.
  8. Rejuvenating an old rusty Spade

    Alan told me there was quite a few of them at Johns, but he and Chris skipped them.
  9. Rejuvenating an old rusty Spade

    That grease gun looks like the one Chris found in the barn on my last trip down south, on a visit to Johns place. That cleaned up ok and with a nipple connection of another gun I have, now resides in the C-81s toolbox for greasing in the finger bar.
  10. That looks on fantastic machine now. I bet your well chuffed.
  11. I could see there's one under the diff, Nigel. I was meaning where the frame comes down. The diff plate could be extended to curve up in front of it.
  12. Diesel Injector Cleaning Additives

    I've used Redex diesel additive in the 90's Isuzu engine with no ill effects. Don't know about cleaners as such.
  13. NVTC rally Alnwick 21st/22nd October

    I am as you now know. I also had a look at last years photo's you mentioned. Had a look at 2015 and it was fine. Fingers and toes crossed.
  14. NVTC rally Alnwick 21st/22nd October

    Entries posted today. C-81, C-121 and Sears. Forgot about the Teagle hedge cutter but I'll bring it anyway.
  15. A skid plate under the front end might be an idea, Ian. Stop the front getting caught on anything sticking up or digging in a hump.
  16. Another in the stable.

    Collected a '75 Raider 10 today with side discharge cutting deck. Engine supposedly OK, but gears cannot be selected. The idea is to eventually restore it, or make something special. The engine will go into the C-125 while the 12hp off that is rebuilt. Below photo's of as collected. Not to bad I suppose, seeing as it's been stood outside for a number of years. The deck has not fared as well. But I think it can be rescued eventually. First thing was to blow the tyres up to make it easier to push about. Next a good pressure wash. Strangely there's red paint under that blue. Then it was up onto the work bench. Just to see what would happen, I connected a battery. Turned the key and the engine spun easily. I did check the oil first. Cleaned and checked plug and points and got a nice healthy spark. Here is when I found throttle and choke cables/controls, very, very stiff. Never mind, choke fully open, throttle halfway, squirt petrol into the carb, turn key and...... It fired up and ran for a second or two. While I set too on the controls, I left the old petrol in the tank to drain. Have no idea how old it is, but I've never seen golden brown petrol before. Well, not out of a plastic tank. That's it for now.
  17. Another in the stable.

    That's a std one.
  18. NVTC rally Alnwick 21st/22nd October

    Just make sure it's decent weather. That's a cold wind off the North Sea.
  19. NVTC rally Alnwick 21st/22nd October

    Sounds good and I've been given clearance, Dave. Son-in law going to print me out three entry forms. I assume I enter the horticultural class?
  20. Another in the stable.

    The crank pin is not badly scored and may be repairable. I can't tell you spec and serial number as the have been painted over or lost. No balance gears fitted. Bore is ok so just new rings required. Need to price things before going any further. If going to be expensive it'll be a no go.
  21. That's Nigel stuffed. That looks like a H&S bods nightmare, Darren. Love it.
  22. Slight Change of Direction

    You can't beat Border Collies, Colin. Tri's tend to be very good. Unfortunately we have just lost one of ours. On the left in my avatar. She was 13-1/2 and lost the use of her legs and interest in anything. Food included. Very much missed by us and her sister.
  23. Runs well and looks the dogs whatsits.
  24. Belt-up

    A pony trailer?
  25. smart&brown model M

    That looks like new.
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