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  1. Resistor spark plug or non resistor?

    Not sure what you mean by resistor or non resistor. I'd get the Champion J19LM or NGK B2LM.
  2. Any blokes here bidding on this?

    No matter the car, put an idiot behind the wheel and he'll find some way to turn it over.
  3. A mowing we will go.

    No offence taken.
  4. A mowing we will go.

    Tonight I decided to discomboomerate the dead daffodils on the green. So out with the C-81 and finger bar.
  5. Any blokes here bidding on this?

    I did think about sending my agent down to bid, Alain. But decided against it. It would have to stay outside as the workshop is full of garden tractors and other associated implements.
  6. A mowing we will go.

    I know some people say you should leave the leaves to fully wilt, Angus. But if they are left they leave a big brown patch. I've been cutting them down for years and they still come up ok.
  7. A mowing we will go.

    Number 1 grandson, his father and uncle have all grown beards. I decided to show them how to make a proper job of it, as I had a beard some 30yrs ago. Though it was a slightly different colour then.
  8. Steering help please

    The roll pin is hardened spring steel. See if you can get hold of some cobalt tipped drills. From the photo it does look like a broken set screw. Should drill out easy enough.
  9. Sponsored walk for Parkinsons UK

    Well done both of you. And all the others of course. Carols mother had Parkinson's, so that charity and the one for alzheimers, which my father had, are the main ones for us.
  10. Steering help please

    It'll not be easy to drill. Its hardened steel. Very hard.
  11. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    The tin ware looks in pretty good condition.
  12. Lost my bearings

    I would measure them.
  13. Howard 350 help

    They look very expensive to buy, Chris. Are you doing buy one, get one free?
  14. Spotted.. F1-ish road car.

    I like the registration.
  15. Some foul photos..

    Just a few photo's of a resident family. Finally it's a dogs life.
  16. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Nice job Paul. Looking forward to seeing you drive it.
  17. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Nice job with the guard, Ewan. BTW. Some paint on the axle pivot nut wouldn't go amiss.
  18. Bill Targett Memorial Rally

    BSA trials bike for me please. BTW. Had a ride on a motorcycle for the first time in 15yrs at the HVC show Monday clear up. And NO!. I didn't fall off.
  19. Happy Birthday Nylyon

    Belated birthday greeting, Karl.
  20. Either of the three wheelers for me. Morgan or Lomax. I don't care which.
  21. Model T Ford , go cart

    Just a point, Neil. Where'd the croc' in the first photo' go? You need to find it with toddlers and dogs about.
  22. 5 gang mower

    Frame black. Weights red.
  23. Model T Ford , go cart

    Lovely job, Neil. The Shell petrol can is a nice touch.
  24. Bolens 1476 Mowing Duty

    That looks a big beast, Alain.
  25. Heathersgill rally Carlisle 2018

    Here are some photo's I managed to find time to take. Auction items. Cars. All the way from Kansas complete with bullet holes in the passenger door. Motorcycles. Truck. Horticultural. Stationary engine. Restoration project anyone? That's all folks.
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