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  1. FOA The Showman.

    What do you think without giving anything away. Got to keep 'em guessing. Ignore the crap welding. I was trying a gasless mig welder for the first time.
  2. After much thought and penny counting, I decided to throw caution to the wind, risk the wrath of swmbo and spend some of the kids inheritance. 12ft x 6ft but in total 16ft 4" x 6ft 8". Had one heck of a job reversing into the yard due to the angle of drive to lane and having to reverse round the corner of the green as well. Best measure your drive Chris.
  3. How many can I get on?

    Got a surprise this morning. Five days ago I asked Titch for some graphics for the trailer. This morning they arrived. I wasn't expecting them till sometime next week. Very pleased with them and pleased with the excellent service. Top marks Titch.
  4. Last one to leave

    I'm bring the Sears down so you can have a drive on it. I could change my mind.
  5. Last one to leave

    No thanks. MUST be the Westwood.
  6. Last one to leave

    The front axle is just the job for a trailer.
  7. HALF a HORSE.

    That looks a nice little engine.
  8. Trojan Toraktors in UK

    Can't help I'm afraid but put an add in the wanted section.
  9. Last one to leave

    I'll collect all the parts I have and put them in a box for Alan then. I'll bring them down with me. Be a change things going south instead of north.
  10. Last one to leave

    I recently sold the engine. Still got the rear wheels though if you want spares.
  11. Last one to leave

    I've some bits and pieces left off one of those Chris. I can deliver if you want.
  12. biddenden Tractorfest

    A friend of mine is interested. Should know definitely by the weekend.
  13. Rural Past Times 12 / 13 August 2017

    Is there a closing date for entries?
  14. biddenden Tractorfest

    Is there a closing date for entries?
  15. biddenden Tractorfest

    Pigeon arrived today.
  16. 48" and 42" Allis 416 Deck Refurbishment

    Decks over there seem to fare well compared to over here. Maybe the conditions they are used in are better. Over here and where I live in particular, the grass tends not to really dry out, so sticks to the underneath. People not cleaning them after use doesn't help.
  17. Almond Valley Vintage Association 2017

    Well done.
  18. Starter motor.

    A friend of mine requires a Wheel Horse starter motor, coil and solenoid. Recommendations as to where to purchase from, please?
  19. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Again I'm not a lover of underseal. Especially the type that puts a skin on. If it gets damage, water can get behind and start corrosion. My local garden machinery man, now sold up and retired unfortunately, advised spraying/painting old oil under decks. Helps prevent grass etc sticking. I personally remove and clean mine after each use.
  20. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Depends on how heavy handed you are.
  21. Mower Deck refurbishment

    My personal view of sealed for life bearings is not the best. When I rebuilt my rear discharge deck, I removed one seal and fitted the bearings seal side out. I like to use a grease gun now and then. As to paint for underneath, a good agricultural enamel.
  22. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Really nice restore. They do make a good mowing machine. What condition is the deck in?
  23. Bolens Estate Keeper

    Interesting machine. That rear engine end has some interesting possibilities.
  24. Hollycombe Steam in the Country

    I think someone needs to cut the grass and rescue those tug tractors.
  25. Hollycombe Steam in the Country

    Looks an interesting place.