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  1. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    I had a Westwood some years ago. Looking at the photo's I would guess also a Gazelle. B&S 11hp but no deck. I got it for the grandsons to ride when they visited. It was pretty rough but ran well. Eventually I decided to do it up a bit. Alas I found that both drive side bearings were gone. Literally! It had been run that long, previously to me obtaining it, that the drive shafts had worn the casings that much as to be beyond repair. So it went for scrap except for the engine. Recently sold. So keep a check on those bearings.
  2. Happy birthday Ranger

    All the Best, Doug. Have a good day and I hope your back is improving.
  3. Mysto backpack sprayer

    Got one, thanks.
  4. Mysto backpack sprayer

    Nice sack barrow.
  5. Gutbrod 1030

    His name is George. And
  6. Rotaped Tracks

    Interesting article, Jonathan. Keep it on one side for when I'm next up, please. BTW. I like the last photo of you on the Ransome.
  7. Wheelhorse from bits

    Well done. Now on with the next on the list. Got to make room you know.
  8. Ransomes turf Trac / steiner 4x4 utility tractor

    James hasn't been on since May, Jonathan. I thought I had his phone number. Some one on here may have it and may be kind enough to pass it on to you by P.M.
  9. Happy Birthday Koen.

    All the best Birthday Boy. Have a good one.
  10. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    I take it that's your Howard Clifford, Dave?
  11. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    And the show???
  12. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Cracking job there, Nigel.
  13. Getting the Food Plots Ready

    I wish I had some land to work.
  14. Wheelhorse R26, new addition to the fleet

    How'd you get on with these, Paul. Just happens I've to go and see a couple of Wheel Horses. One sounds as if it is an R26. Got a B&S engine though. Non runner I think.
  15. DSCF0106.JPG

    From the album Stormins Stuff.

  16. DSCF0104.JPG

    From the album Stormins Stuff.

  17. 2002-01-03 18.20.20.jpg

    From the album Stormins Stuff.

  18. Bring and Buy sale

    Looks like the wheels are bolted to a hub? Grease nipples fitted?
  19. Bring and Buy sale

    Good find. Did Pam put them in the car? Handy for building a twin axle trailer to tow behind you know what. Maybe a swan neck low loader.
  20. My new attempt at making my plough work

    Looking forward to see how it performs George. 20 acres to pay in. You lucky so and so.
  21. Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Your thread is in the right place, Pete. Pedestrian machines.
  22. Bring and Buy sale

    All is forgiven.
  23. Bring and Buy sale

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