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  1. So that's where you had disappeared too when I popped over. Looks a good show. Thanks for the photo's.
  2. Can hardly wait to see the finished article. Superb!
  3. Stormin

    gutbroad 1032

    Place an add in the wanted section.
  4. Been to the above today near Penrith, Cumbria. Some photo's for you.
  5. Thanks for the photo's. Good to see what other people collect.
  6. All the Best, Dave. Have a good day.
  7. All the Best, Nigel. Hope your buses are more frequent than ours.
  8. All the Best, Tyke. Have a good day.
  9. Thanks Paul. Not seen a DAF in years and there's two of 'em. I assume the Ransome crawler with driver, is towing two and pushing one? Impressive!
  10. Thanks for the photo's, Paul. Family things kept me away this year.
  11. Be sad to see it go. Nothing like it to drive. Look! No hands.
  12. By Eck, Doug! They should last you a while.
  13. Good info there, lads. Thanks!
  14. It was the Heathersgill Vintage Rally this weekend. Friday was a decent day and warm as we started setting up. Saturday was b****y cold. Sunday the actual rally day was wet first thing but came fine just before noon. Turned out well with plenty of entries and members of the public. Below are a few photo's. Some Americana. Monster truck. Nice DAF. Some stationary engines. Working scale models. Tractor, thresher and baler. Also crawler and plough amd combine harvester. Ex-RAF tug. Miniature steam wagon. Some motorcycles. Some of the cars. This 1920s Wolseley belongs to a good friend of mine. My B-80 and Sears GT16. First and third in class respectively. Nice Clydesdale's.
  15. Weather is supposed to be fine but overcast, Jonathan. Up to press that is.
  16. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the rally will be held on the old site. Same as last year.
  17. Looks nice and tidy now, Nigel.
  18. All the Best, Jonathan. Wishing you a good day.
  19. I received this message today. from Steve Wilson Changing the subject a little, I have 2 C125 wheel horses that I was using in my vineyard until last summer. Someone turned hard right at top speed on one of them and the back axle moved apart a little then jammed. The other was used regularly and I do not think there is much wrong but I cannot get it to start. Unfortunately the vineyard is expanding quickly, it is extremely busy and time consuming. I have owned both both tractors for some years and am very fond of them however I know that I will not have time to look at them this year. If anyone is interested they are available free from the vineyard in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, at the very least I am sure that 1 good tractor could be assembled. I can be reached on 07812 339556, 01386 840079 or email steve@steve-w.co.uk If there is a better address for this message to be viewed, I would be pleased to know it. Regards Steve
  20. Right hand. You can see it's longer left hand front leg.
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