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  1. WH 512D arrived

    Generally yes but as always one or two issues to sort but nothing I would call major. We worked it this week and it's done very well plus the deck runs quiet which is a bonus..
  2. WH 512D arrived

    Arrived today so gave it a little clean up, few minor things to sort before using in anger but at 32 years old not bad and certainly pleased so far. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  3. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Hi Scott Yes I had discussions with the owner and bought it.. thanks for the info and offer of the manual I would certainly appreciate that...
  4. Wheel Horse 512-D

    That's right 1986 and the robin built via Subaru apparently.
  5. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Thanks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
  6. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Thanks Stormin I've downloaded one but seems to be very little info available being an export model, it a decent one with quite a few spares which is a bonus...
  7. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Should be with me in the next few weeks so looking forward to that, anyone aware of or have any literature, manuals etc they would sell please let me know. Only made for one year and mainly exported so worth an ask.. Cheers [/URL] [/URL]
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