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  1. Ransomes mg2 clutch.

    Neil's tool is the only way to go !!!
  2. Diesel Injector Cleaning Additives

    Does anyone have any experience of using additive cleaners on low efficiency single cylinder diesel engines?
  3. NVTC rally Alnwick 21st/22nd October

    Are you going to camp Norman?
  4. Another in the stable.

    Interesting con rod failure I wonder if the stud snapped
  5. Wormdigger has an Austin A35 engine a modification made years ago by a previous owner. Worked in Lincolnshire. Tidy machine an must be very powerful.I think it pulled a two furrow plough.
  6. Good to see the Worm Digger MG6 is still around I have not seen it for a long time.
  7. Townings harvest Fair

    Did you go on the road run with your Wheelhorse ?
  8. Massey Ferguson Freebie

    The three point hitch looks very useful, certainly not your average lawn tractor.
  9. Hesket New Market Agricultural Show.

    I enjoyed the show and company Norman thanks for coming. Managed to load the barge by pulling broken throttle cable in my hand. Just found the wheels this morning thank you do I owe you?
  10. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Hi Joe you are in luck I have found three track roller spindles in good order but only two iffy outer rollers, you should be able to find some steel pipe that will suit. let me have an address and I will send them to you.
  11. Hesket Newmarket Agricultural Show

    Well done Norman that will add a bit more interest. Been away in Galloway just got back.
  12. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    I may have somewhere I will have a look.
  13. I have booked in my two ITW tractors for this local show on 2nd September, my neighbour and his friend are taking an MG5 and an MG2, both of which it turns out i have owned in the past. Nice friendly show which is fun to enter as my machines attract a lot of interest which winds up the showroom fergie owners.
  14. Not sure if this counts as an old machine...

    Sometimes sun faded plastic can be restored by using a hot air gun or old hair drier . just warm it up section by section taking care not to melt it.
  15. Slot hitch

    I am going to show my ignorance and ask the question . What do these slot hitches actually do?
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