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  1. Ransomes Turf Trak 2/Steiner 220

    If you Google " Steiner 220 wiring diagram" you should be able to download or print one off. On the 420 and 425,s I have there is a voltage regulator under the dash with a multi plug try cleaning the terminals and check earth cables etc.
  2. Ransomes Turf Trak 2/Steiner 220

    Hi Do you have any photos of the Turf Trak is it the two wheel drive version? I have a 420 and two 425 models , what is it that you need to sort?
  3. Ransomes MG 40 Crawler for sale

    Hi Rhys (Rocboni) might have one available.
  4. Ransomes MG 40 Crawler for sale

    On the basis that long shots do occasionally pay off it was worth trying but unfortunately this one sold quite quickly. Do you particularly want an MG40?
  5. Magnesium Repair

    I have recently been researching restoration of magnesium alloys in readiness to restore the wheels on a Ferrari and I can tell you it is a minefield of does and don'ts because of fire risk and instant corrosion, I would avoid welding if you can and use either fire spring roll pins or fine threaded bar into a series of tapped holes as a means of coping with expansion of the alloy when warm in use. If you want to go down the metal repair route with sufficient pins in place you could use soft lead with a plasticine dam either side to retain it whilst cooling.
  6. Happy Birthday Ransomes256

    Happy birthday Neil hope you have a good day.
  7. Hand Held Tank Saw

    Safer than falling off a ladder!!!!!
  8. Hand Held Tank Saw

    I have one and used it for cutting overhanging branches over new garage tied a rope to each end and threw it over the branch, much safer than climbing a ladder as long as you keep clear of falling branches.

    My neighbour has just bought one in kit form but it has cost him a fortune rebuilding his welder to cope with assembling it.

    Merry Christmas to one and all, best wishes for a peaceful and happy New Year
  11. magneto sprocket to fit jap engine howard gem

    which model/make magneto ?
  12. Just received the details of this new show to be held at RHS Ingliston near Edinburgh airport on weekend of 25th March. Anybody have any plans to exhibit I thought I might take some crawlers.
  13. Kent and Sussex Xmas meal

    That's good for some reason Cumbria doesn't do bread sauce.
  14. Kent and Sussex Xmas meal

    Just out of interest did they serve it with bread sauce?
  15. Give us a Lift

    Neat job Chris I like it , hook on rollers was a good idea .J
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