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  1. expeatfarmer

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    Brilliant Well Done. Percy Verance wins again.
  2. expeatfarmer

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    I have had this problem several times when starting MG2 that have been stood for a long time. When starting try " bouncing" the engine against the compression a few times effectively repeating multiple inlet strokes before a pull over TDC. The other thing I always find needed is to flood the carb on the tickler to what you would think is excessive. It seems to take a few revs on flood petrol before it draws fuel up the venturi jets.
  3. expeatfarmer

    How Does This Help

    You said it ! There are very few people in " authority " for whom respect is appropriate virtually every aspect has been corrupted or abused in some way.
  4. expeatfarmer

    New Manifolds

    Thanks just shows though that if you are not convinced then a second opinion may save your life.
  5. expeatfarmer

    New Manifolds

    Some time ago I recall there being a song saying that age was about your mnd making appointments your body can't keep. Two weeks ago the drive coupling on my Ransomes digger failed, I disconnected the engine and lifted it sideways on to a tressle. Changed the coupling and lifted the engine back. The next day I felt unwell with indigestion and went to the doctors. Net result was an emergency blue light dash to Newcastle for a triple heart bi pass, turns out that ten years ago a similar event had happened but the arrogant consultant in Carlisle fobbed it off and sent me home with Gaviscon whereas what had happened was two arteries had failed and for ten years I have been running on one cylinder instead of three. Lifting the engine which I have done loads of times before just proved the final straw for the one artery that was doing all the work. Thankfully I am now home again and on the mend but it was a close call. The moral of my story is that firstly hospital consultants are not the gods that some of them like to think, some of them are absolute genius and once you get to a certain age perhaps lifting big engines around unaided is a bit of a daft thing to do !
  6. expeatfarmer


    I have an MG 5 that was stolen after a show it turned up on E bay several years later and was recovered by the Police to the rightful owners. Well worth keeping a note of any unique features of your machines for later identification.
  7. hi  my name Dave are there any ransomes events coming up this year please

  8. expeatfarmer

    A FEW More Newby Hall.

    I wonder what the winch is used for on the Ferrari?
  9. expeatfarmer

    Ride-on Tractor lift

    Did you get the bench grinder as well? It looks as if it was a seat lifting mechanism from something like a combine harvester should be a useful bit of kit.
  10. expeatfarmer

    Help with Ransomes parts

  11. expeatfarmer

    Help with Ransomes parts

    Try contacting Ransomes Textron they are in Ipswich and may be able to tell you which of their dealers still carries parts for these machines. I have ordered parts through Rickerby ltd. in Carlisle. Failing that order from USA shipping small parts is not that expensive.
  12. expeatfarmer

    A Good Day Out.

    good pictures norm.
  13. expeatfarmer

    Tillotson MD-17A Alternative

    Neil Jarrett ( Ransomes 256 ) has been working on 3d printed plastic floats it may be worth contacting him.
  14. expeatfarmer

    Kohler Recoil help please

    Once you have soaked the spring in plus gas or similar see if you can sneak a couple of fine tie wraps or twist wire around the spring in situ this will enable you to prise it out without it going boing all over your workshop.
  15. expeatfarmer

    Happy Birthday Expeatfarmer

    Thank you one and all. Kept it quiet because I only had a small cake! Excellent show, shame about the caterer but that was out of Mark's hands they are supplied by the venue and thought they knew best. I don't know where it will end because every show I go to the standard of finish on the restored tractors becomes more extreme although I did notice that there are now "rat tractors" on display lacquered over the patina. Well worth a trip in future years and holiday inn is right on the site.