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  1. Ransomes mg2 problems

    To set the ignition timing, set the piston at top dead centre firing stroke, using paint or Tippex make a mark on the flywheel and crankase to mark TDC, remove the front timing chain case, slacken the nut on the lower timing sprocket and release the sprocket off the taper to turn freely but do not remove . with a socket or spanner on the nut of the top sprocket on the magneto rotate the sprocket ,chain and magneto until you hear the magneto click( magneto spring should wind up and then release with a strong click) turn the magneto backwards approx 1/4 turn and then tighten lower sprocket back on taper. With the plug removed, rotate the engine with the handle and check that the magneto fires ( clicks ) at the point when the timing marks align. Repeat the process until click and marks are perfectly aligned. The engine should now be timed to fire on starting at top dead centre. As soon as the engine starts the timing will self advance to approx 20 degrees. Hope that helps.
  2. Ransomes mg2 floor plan.

    Neil's plans are excellent . Recently tried fitting a front floor panel on an MG2 fitted with pto which proved impossible without removing pto first or cutting the floor in to two pieces . Has anyone else found this ?
  3. Any ideas.

    I think it is a mixer for making up lime wash /whitewash, mixing powdered lime with water.
  4. Westwood Grille Fabrication (Fibreglass)

    From memories of canoe building there is a mould release agent which you can spray or paint into the mould before you apply the gel coat , the gel coat is very smooth and should not stick, allow to dry before stippling in the fibre and resin.
  5. EP90

    what are the dates for Newby Norman please ?
  6. Heathergill Vintage Rally.

    Good show Norman, we all enjoyed it and no rain !!!!
  7. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Hi Joe I assume you mean the actual rollers in the rim of the wheel, the only way to do this is to tap each one severely with a hammer. They are not meant to be lubricated and fill up with soil and rust they are hardened so you will not damage them.

    Try Neil Jarret on 01656 665304. Alternatively you may be able to glue it back together with super glue or similar
  9. HVC vintage rally. 30th April.

    Three crawlers on view Norm let us hope it is a dry warm day.! Maybe Duncan can bring MG40N ?
  10. Display stands.

    I have booked in 137 Norm and will bring two others for display only.
  11. Ransomes mg2 colour scheme.

    Hi Joe the load rollers were red and as you say drive wheels and idler but that is it anything else red is up to you, some paint the end of the implement lift lever .
  12. Be Wary of Selling on E bay

    I recently sold a number of items on E bay that made high values, I rang E bay to ask how to sell them safely and they gave me an increased selling limit. I sold the items and then E bay blocked my account wanting me to prove I owned them. I said I had owned them for years and had no receipts but sent my proof of identity details. The items have been delivered ( as it shows on E bay ) last night they sent me a message asking me to send them photos of the items alongside my driving license ! Does that mean I have to go to China to take some photos? In my reply I reminded them that April Fool's day was last week!
  13. Be Wary of Selling on E bay

    I recently sold a carburettor for an MG2 on E bay, the float was missing and the item was described as for parts not working, I detailed that the float was missing. 28 days after delivery to the buyer he raised a complaint saying that the carb had parts missing and was broken. Immediately PayPal seized the value of the carb. and put this in suspense. I rang E bay and told them what was going on they checked my ad and could see my description. I mailed the buyer and told him the ad was correcvt and did list as for parts not working, I asked him to tell me what he thought was missing and to send me a picture of what was broken. No reply. Despite my replies to the buyer, e bay messaged me today saying I had not responded, they give you an action page with options like give the buyer his money back and let him keep the goods but nowhere does it give a seller the option to say no. What could happen is that this numpty gets to keep the carb and gets his money back plus the postage. The sum is only £40 odd and if Alex or whoever he is had wanted the carb desperately I would have given it him there was no need to basically steal it by making false claims. E bay is totally biased to the buyer, seller protection is a joke. Beware !
  14. Happy Birthday Expeatfarmer.

    Thanks everybody been very good so far.
  15. Happy Birthday Expeatfarmer.

    thanks Norman at least the sun is shining and now I start to get back some of my taxes!