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  1. Cadmium Spray Paint

    Many thanks for the frost link, they have a three can golden cad system , currently out of stock.
  2. Cadmium Spray Paint

    Does anyone know who makes the aerosol paint that you can use for restoring the matt gold finish on car parts such as brake servos etc. ?
  3. MG6 Loader

    I suppose it will steer better if the back wheels are off the ground!
  4. MG6 Loader

    I see that home made loader is back on the auction site, fitted to an Mg6 converted from track drive to two wheel driver. Given that we all support innovation during the history of any machine that extends the use it should be attractive to someone, but I have some serious reservations as to safety, if this machine were to be used it would be front unstable and certainly not a machine i would want my grandsons to drive.
  5. Martin Markham

    Nice find ! Must have been a very sheltering tree.
  6. Wheel Weights.

    Well worth the weight Norman !
  7. Sometimes you just get lucky

    You know me Norm never one to make a fuss! Should be Ok for Edinburgh taking electric start machines.
  8. Homelite XL-902am

    Amazing collection of saws. Years ago I knew a South African Forester who showed me photographs of himself as a youngster using an 8Ft chain saw to cut a tunnel through a giant Sequoia so that they could drive timber trucks through it without having to cut the tree down.He was only about 5Ft tall and somehow ended up as head forester for the Earl of Annandale at Lockerbie.
  9. Sometimes you just get lucky

    Having injured my right arm slipping over in mud at new year workshop and tractor time has been curtailed and so I have been closely examining my old Ferrari which I am recommissioning . I pulled out the boot carpets and found some corrosion in the floor caused by overheating from the exhaust. Looking a bit harder I found a rust hole in part of the box section space frame that the silencer hangs off. 30 mm x 20 mm 1.5 mm box section easy peasy phone Tommy Graham the steel merchant get a piece off the shelf only want 9". No chance 3 month delivery and £60 for 6m! Looked on Google available in stainless but not mild steel just not listed anywhere. Tried Ferrari obsolete, slight lead on a London restorer that might have a bit. Frustrated I went back tom the workshop and had a ratch about in my scrap pile and there right in front of me was a 1.5m length of 30x20 x1.5 which I have actually had for years, it was part of a Thule roof bar system that I bought from a car boot sale, one piece of which I had used to make a roof mounted light bar for my Jeep CJ7. It was powder coated and bunged at each end with stoppers so inside is like new steel. Just shows that keeping hold of stuff you don't need today can pay off. ! Just need a new right arm so I can cut it and weld it in.
  10. Homelite XL-902am

    That is some collection of saws you have. How many do you have in total?
  11. Tractortest Newby Hall 2018 - all welcome

    I am planning to go, hope to bring a few wheeled Ransomes tractors.
  12. Ransomes Turf Trak 2/Steiner 220

    If you Google " Steiner 220 wiring diagram" you should be able to download or print one off. On the 420 and 425,s I have there is a voltage regulator under the dash with a multi plug try cleaning the terminals and check earth cables etc.
  13. Ransomes Turf Trak 2/Steiner 220

    Hi Do you have any photos of the Turf Trak is it the two wheel drive version? I have a 420 and two 425 models , what is it that you need to sort?
  14. Ransomes MG 40 Crawler for sale

    Hi Rhys (Rocboni) might have one available.
  15. Ransomes MG 40 Crawler for sale

    On the basis that long shots do occasionally pay off it was worth trying but unfortunately this one sold quite quickly. Do you particularly want an MG40?
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