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  1. Sisis discs from the Showman

    That looks to be in pretty good shape. One thing I might point out is that they are setup up wrong. Each gang needs to be rotated 180 Deg. for proper operation. When setup correctly the concave side of the disc should be facing the direction of travel. That allows them to cut into the ground.
  2. Mitsubishi D1450FD

    Here in the States we call those "Rice tires". They are usually seen on the Grey Market tractors that come in from Japan. They are pretty much a requirement for a tractor that is used in the rice paddies.
  3. Lawn Boy Loafer

    Those were pretty interesting. There was also a front blade for it.
  4. Howard Bolens

    Here's some info on them. You will need to scroll down a bit to get to the Rotavator folks. http://tractors.wikia.com/wiki/Howard
  5. Operation Bolens 600

    Andrew, I've been waiting for you to post that it got there. It's definitely and early example. One easy clue is that the hitch is cast into the rear end and not a bolted on one.
  6. OldBuzzard

  7. Bolens 600

    Here's the thread I started when the whole operation started http://myoldmachine.com/topic/1862-operation-bolens-600/#comment-20290
  8. Bolens HT23

    Are you saying the your Serial Number is 0200101? If so, according to my paperwork it would be a 1981 model.
  9. Bolens 600

    If it arrives in pieces it danged sure won't be my fault. Here's what it looked like when it left my humble abode on 5/22. It's a good thing I have the 1886 Forklift because we would never have gotten it onto his trailer without it.
  10. is this a Bolens G8

    It's definitely NOT a G8, as the G8 was a small (stamped) frame tractor. It could be a G9, G10, or G11. G9 = 8HP B&S 190417-065301 G10 = 10HP B&S 251417-015901 (1976 and 1977. The 1973-1975 G10 had the TEC HH100-115181D) G11 = 11 HP B&S 252417-013201 I think you are closer to being right than am. Fender pan isn't right for the G9, G10, G11. But with the cobbled up seat, anything is possible. Getting the proper engine spec would be the key.
  11. Christmas present for the Commando 8

  12. Finally given in and joined the Bolens boys..

    Nice looking Estate Keeper. :thumbs: I'm guessing that it's the 7HP version, built in 1964-66. Looks to be pretty much original except for the seat. Here's a pic of my EK7 so you can see how the seat should be mounted.
  13. disc harrows

    There are rotorvators and then there are rotorvators :D Some rotorvators like the Bolens 'square back' models are very heavy duty and capable of working virgin ground. Others like their 'round back' model are light duty and only designed for previously worked ground. If yours is a 'light duty' one, maybe you should consider using a plough to break the ground first, and then follow up with the rotorvator after the plough has done the 'heavy work'.
  14. Working Tractors, Tired Operator

    Nice looking tractors. Looks to me like you need a Haban Sickle-Mo in the worst way. One of them would have handled that fence line in short order.
  15. My Best Friends New Bolens HT23

    The manual I posted pretty much explains it. You raise the 3-PT to the top and then pull the knob/shaft. That moves a piece that will go between the frame and the arm on the 3-PT which keeps it in the raised position. That's useful for transport as it takes the stress off the hydraulics. It really has nothing to do with the operation of any front mounted attachments other than it allows you to use them without having to dismount any of the rear 3-PT attachments. If you disconnect the lift rod from the tractor's rockshaft to the 3-PT rockshaft, you can then use front mounted attachments without raising and lowering the 3-PT. Remember, the front and rear implements both raise and lower using the same points on tractor's rockshaft. I think once you guys get 'hands on it' you will see what I'm talking about. Now, just to add some more confusion, there were also optional 'lock up' kits for the tiller and front blade. Those allowed you to leave the tiller or front front blade mounted while you were using other attachments. Here's a link to a lockup kit for the front blade that was sold on eBay some time back. It's a long story, but I actually ended up with it as the 'winning bidder' was trying to pull some shenanigans. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Bolens-Model-18113-P-N-1736718-Blade-Lock-Up-Kit-Fits-ALL-Largeframes-/331480209892?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=uKx7K%252FIPo%252BFKzbCtAqstSTd4eAg%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&rmvSB=true
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