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  1. Happy Birthday Jarovian

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday Nigel.

    happy birthday Nigel!
  3. Project Wheel-Vo... Running gear found.

    This is going to be a crazy build! Looking forward to it
  4. Bargain !

    Nice find, should make some jobs easier
  5. Clinton engines

    I don't need any more engines in bits at the moment haha
  6. Clinton engines

    @the showman Just checking you are still ok to bring the engine up? Headlight lens is all made ready for you
  7. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    thanks Norm! Haha, when you look closely the hubs and some other bits aren't even primed, and theres quite a few other bits that still need cleaning and painting Thanks Alan!
  8. I've finally got around to creating a thread for the restoration of my RJ I have been working on. Many thanks to Chris for sourcing the engine, we're working on getting it going, also thanks to Ian for helping me out with the measurements of the front axle and lastly thanks to Chris (showman) for letting me take measurements from his RJ at Newby hall! Heres some photos of the RJ before I started
  9. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    I was home from uni this weekend so I finished some last minute jobs ready for its first outing next month. I applied the rest of the decals and made a temporary belt guard out of some mesh, ill make a proper one when I have some more time. Had the tractor running for about an hour with no problems so hopefully we wont have any problems at Newby Hall.
  10. All the way from the USA - Panzer t70

  11. Model T Ford , go cart

    Awesome job Neil!
  12. Cutter deck help

    Hi, we have sold decals to the person selling that deck and he had contacted me asking if i knew what model tractor it fit, he didn't know and i couldn't find any similar ones doing a google search. Of course he may have found out so worth an ask

    I don’t know if this link will work but there is someone with one on a tractor Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/1746366375410319/
  14. Clinton Engine help

    Thanks for the offer but we’ve managed to straighten it out and braced it, and I’m getting a spare Engine shortly that I can use if I need to.
  15. Clinton Engine help

    I have an issue with the pull start on the Clinton engine on my RJ, I think its stemming from the fact that the flywheel backing plate is bent and cracked which means the cowl doesn't bolt on how it should, this means that the pull start won't disengage from the flywheel properly and when we start it it catches. Does anyone think the plate can be straightened or does anyone have any spares? Its a Clinton B1290/B1260, thanks
  16. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Thanks Richard, it would certainly make it more comfortable! Thanks Alan, the one in the photo was particularly keen, se was licking it before Thanks Norm! I'm happy with how much i've managed to achieve from a pile of scrap
  17. Baaaaaa

  18. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    So apart from a few parts still to make and bits still to finish painting the RJ looks about finished. We've had the RJ running for about an hour solid today and we haven't had any issues which is good. Here are some photos.
  19. Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian!
  20. Kohler Recoil help please

    Great, my RJ58 will be in the horticultural section, see you then! Thanks again
  21. Kohler Recoil help please

    Hi all, I have this kohler recoil for an engine I have but the spring is snapped and there may be some other parts missing. Has anyone ever rebuilt one? Or does anyone have one they would sell? Thanks
  22. Kohler Recoil help please

    We will definitely be at Newby Hall, that would be awesome as I think I have too many parts missing. Let me know what you want for it, thanks
  23. Fun in the snow

    Great job on the plowing Joseph! The igloo is pretty awesome as well I made one myself (well more of an 'eggloo' but cheated since the back was built in a 2 foot snow drift
  24. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Thanks Chris, the RJ might be up and running by the weekend
  25. Kohler Recoil help please

    Thanks for that Richard, it appears I am missing quite a few important things, I need to have a another look but I don't have the pawls, the return spring/ spring retainer or the pulley and sheave but I do have a cast part that doesn't look like a part from that diagram. I will have a look later and post a picture.
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