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  1. Owdo all, MadTrax is coming along nicely, along with a lot of new tube the looks have changed as well By only doing one corner at a time the Quadzilla strut towers have gone, I think the tube looks much better. A new nose taking shape. You can also see some new tube connecting the top of the struts to MadTrax's frame just in front of the gas tank.. The photo's don't show it too well but the curves match and line up with other tube.. Nose job finished, not as pointy as the first one and it looks all the better for it... No chance of it digging in and throwing me over the bars now A single tube connects the nose to the frame, hopefully there is still enough space left to get the diff out when I need to When I cut the front off it left four open tubes on the frame, so they needed to be tied into the new front end... The two tower tubes will be joined together, something like this only cut to fit and without the hand to hold it up And that's this thread upto date again...
  2. Time to get serious with the front end.. Not the best of photo's as someone had put an exhaust in the way, but the front is now welded to the rest of it.. I will put a load more strength in this area but it's one of those jobs best done later when the frame is stipped down (again) and I can turn it upside down. So I could do some structural slicing the front diff needed to be moved forward and out the way a bit.. Of course two of the Allen Key bolts came undone with only a small fight, the front two refused to budge and eventually got chewed up.. The only way to undo them without grinding the heads off was to weld a bit of bar to the bolt head and hope the heat would free the thread up.... Which it did. There's no two ways about it, the Quadzilla front strut towers looked ugly, really ugly.. So why not turn it around and make them a feature With yet more tempoary bracing in place and the top of the towers already mostly wrapped in tube, half the O/S strut tower was cut out! Cleaning up the welds was not fun as they were very hard! Fresh tube welded back in to replace the metal I had cut out, and a Nigel holding the rear tube in place.. A close up for you. And a view from the front and top.... By the time we are finished it will look way better and be much stronger than the original Quadzilla strut towers Oh..... Much to my and Nigel's suprise I found the Quadzilla gear/transfer box the other day.. Both Nigel and I thought it had long gone! If I can make it fit in this space, MadTrax will have HI/Low ratios and a reverse.. Well 5 of em
  3. Morning all, bit more of a MadTrax update for you.. Yep, yet more slicing and welding, even more of the same to come The box section under/around the rear diff needed to come out as it just looked rubbish!! Slicing it off in one bit was interesting ! In went some new tube.. A lot of extra tempoary bracing went in to stop things moving.. The big blue tubes hold the rear end off the bench as I had to remove both rear wheels and move the shocks so I could get a cutting disc in.. Not fully welding in yet, but I have added a cross tube between the end of the new rails since this pic was taken.. It was at this point my Murex 165 TradeMig shat it's self and decided it didn't want to produce good welds any more! When using it you can feel it's "pulcing" and just has lost it's amps and doesn't want to penetrate!! So a BIG THANK YOU to Nigel for offing me the use of his welder until I can get mine fixed which will hopefully be some time next week.. Nigel's Mig on the right, naughty Mig on the left! Much welding and the wheels put back on later the rear end looks like this.. Some extra strengthening and tidying up needed but it's looking good. Another big to Nigel for helping me get the new front end lined up and squared up with the rest of the frame.. This took a suprisingly long amount of time... Bracing was added after this photo was taken to keep it in the right place.
  4. Daihats-Ute

    Thanks for noticing mate True, but you would have trouble finding the right shape mattress to fit in the back
  5. But of course old bean, of course Sorry for the slight delay in finishing this post, spare time is hard to find! Anyway... Quite a few months ago when MadTrax was being stripped down for paint I found that I couldn't get the exhaust off the engine! Something had closed up during welding and made the very small clearance there was too small to clear anything.. So, the only option was to put an extra flange in the system.. Almost finished here, just need the welding finished when it's unbolted. And on to todays main attraction Never being one to take the easy option and also having a history of making drastic changes when I'm most of the way through a build, I thought the best way to bolt the new wheels on is if I use the matching hubs..... And suspension.... And brakes....... And steering With a couple of bars cut out under the seat the Quadziller rear end could be rolled in place. The heavy duty sump guard came in handy, nice and flat for balancing on a widened wheel rim that was just the right height. With the front end stripped off, there was only one thing to do.. Slice off her nose To fit this, Quadzillers front end A little trimming later and both ends are near enough in the right places. Lot's of measuring later the front and middle sections lined up and were held together with some tempoary bracing. The first two new tube to on were the rear end, I just had to give her a slightly cheeky curvy rear No problems getting the exhaust back on, the battery box will be cut out as MadTrax has one already. Working out how to make the top shock mounts was interesting, but worth it as they look good. It's a shame that I ran out of welding gas as I was tack welding them on! I will put a bracing tube between the shock mounts. And that's where the build is up to for now... More to happen when I get more gas..... (No fart jokes please)
  6. Thanks mate, it's about to get beastier Wow was it really January I last worked on MadTrax!! I have been a bit distracted by an RJ, a Burban, a lathe bench etc but I am back on MadTrax's case now In order to keep this in some kind of order, we had best start with a video with a rather silly start As hinted at the end of the video some "slight" changes were about to happen.. It was this photo that started the ball (or should it be quad) rolling The wheels came from the remain of a Quadziller quad that Nigel had stored away in a vast amount of brambles There was no way the bigger wheels would bolt onto the original front hubs and rear axle as the PCD's are nowhere near the same.. Making adaptors for the front wheels wouldn't be too bad of a job, but the rears would need at least an 8 inch wide adaptor plate each side which would do the axles bearings any good! Also the original rear axles internal brake wasn't working at all!! Sooooooooo... My brain started chewing an idea over.... Then out came the tape measure to check on the idea... But your going to have to wait a little while to see the idea though I bet a few of you know already
  7. New arrival.. Wheel Horse D-200

    Thanks Norm, yep road registered and still on the DVLA computer.. Thanks Harry.. Plans are not much.. Fit a 3 point on the back, maybe make pallet fork, then just a wipe over with an oily rag once in a while.. I like how she looks Thanks Chris, a new seat would be good, one that will now backwards by a few inches would be better I have plenty of new lights for the back, not sure if I want to fit them though.. Hi Richard, yes the ol D is in quite good health, the trans whines a bit but so do I I remember the tiny WH sticker thing on Andy's D, plenty of them on my D! Thanks Paul, good to catch up with you Friday, I seem to remember you having a big grin as you drove the D around the carpark Not much to report, the D gets better each time she is driven. The engine always starts first time every time Speaking of the engine, a new vacum fuel pump was fitted so I could get rid of the "tank on a plank" that was clamped on the front and use the D's original tank.. The engine was also missing a cover, so I quickly folded one up from a bit of sheet steel.. Not pretty but does the job. The D's first official duty, carting some steel panels up from the scrap pile
  8. To old to shuffle

    I've never seen so much space in your workshop Chris
  9. Morning all, sorry I've not posted or even been on MOM of late, life has been stupidly busy to say the least!! Anyway, a long long time ago there was a thread on good old RedSquare about which wheel horse would be on your "wanted hit list". One of them was a GT-14 which thanks to Neil, one came my way.. A great machine which has now moved to pastures new.. The other I'm sure you can guess from the title was a D-200 Nigel bought this machine from Harry with the thought of changing the engine (which had a knock according to the bloke Harry bought it from), to something a bit different.. Then Nigel made the mistake of saying something along the lines of "I expect you will end up owning the D eventually". Which got me thinking A bit of a play with the wiring (The PTO switch had been badly by-passed) and the engine had a spark, and a temporary gravity fed fuel tank sorted out the fuel side of things.. Much to Nigel and my surprise the engine fired right up and sounded good with sign of any knocking sounds! The trans is a bit noisy but that may sort it's self out with a bit of use as the Big D hadn't been used in a very long time.. A few photo's for you.. And of course a video.... I hope to get an engine running and driving vid edited today, but for now here's an intro vid..
  10. A nice demolition job Chris, it looks like the cooker top can be saved though
  11. Newby Hall Rally

    Thanks for posting all the photo's guy's, looks like you had a good show even if it rained a little
  12. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Thanks for that Neil and Joe, it was only once he had been parked up that I remembered seeing turning the pulley thing on one of VinsRJ's videos to sort the problem out.. It will be sorted tomorrow in time for a drive with the Suburban
  13. The Travels of a Sears Roper

    Great photo's guys, thank for giving me a good laugh this morning
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