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  1. Mysto backpack sprayer

    Not for me thanks Nigel, but thanks for putting the photos up
  2. Gutbrod 1030

    Look down the bottom of the home page in the Who was online box, he's in there (The Fife Plooman), double click on the name and you can message him Hope that helps
  3. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    You're normally the one who wants loads of photos !
  4. Happy Birthday Koen.

    Happy Birthday young 'un I can just about remember being 23...
  5. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Well yes, but I need to put enough photos on here to keep you all happy so needs must !!
  6. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Great to meet you Dave and many thanks for your help unloading and loading up
  7. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    And a few more...
  8. Hi Paul,

    I've been told by Nigel on here that you maybe able to help me with some spares for a Martin Markham Colt deluxe gearbox. I have one that's chewed a couple of gears!! as they all seem to. Thanks in advance Dave


    1. pmackellow


      Hello Dave


      I did have a spare gearbox but that's been sold, I may have a spare second gear though, not yet but soon, amate is making me a set up...

      I'll let you know what happens



    2. s1landy


      Okay thanks


      Would your mate be interested in making a couple more gears? These 2 plus one more that's still in the box.



  9. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    And some more...
  10. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Here's some more...
  11. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Photos ? Oh, OK then... Starting with our displays of Lawn Sprinklers and Jobber (first 3 photos) ...
  12. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Yes thanks Norm it went really well
  13. As Mr Showman has set a trend by an event report featuring a photo of food, I thought I would show you the roast dinner my lovely wife cooked for me in the caravan on the Sunday of the show...
  14. Wheelhorse R26, new addition to the fleet

    One was broken for spares Norm, the other one you saw at Newby Hall and Tractorfest...
  15. Bring and Buy sale

    They do a cracking breakfast there !! And lunch...
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