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  1. more scrap

    Nice haul Dave, I like that sprayer !!
  2. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    A few more photos of progress...
  3. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Ah reet, the ridger
  4. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Please explain to the soft southerner what a stitcher is Norm
  5. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    A few more photos from recent days in the workshop...
  6. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Oh you mean like I have had a slight accident...
  7. westwood lawnbug!!

    Thanks chaps
  8. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Yes there is, looks a bit Heath Robinson and as I intend to show the machine with the barrow on, the pins and r clips will be replaced by bolts and wingnuts to make it all a bit more sturdy
  9. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    It will be going to Yorkshire Norm so perhaps we can fill it with tea !
  10. Sussex Spring Meet and Greet South Downs Heritage Centre Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9LY 10m kickoff No theme, just bring a machine and have a natter, good restaurant on site (as approved by The Showman ) Photos below of the Heritage Centre flyer and some photos of the permanent displays taken on New Years Day. Hope to see some of you there ! Paul and Wendy
  11. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Been having a trial fit of the barrow body and driving wheels.. .
  12. westwood lawnbug!!

    New steering shroud fettled, painted and fitted to the Lawnbug, decal arrived from Titch at Machinery Decals today so that's finished it off...
  13. "O&R Life Saver Gen-set"

    Its in a section titled "Recycling Center" near the bottom of the home page
  14. "O&R Life Saver Gen-set"

    Neat little set I have one similar that came from the USA thanks to a for sale advert on this very forum Mine is decaled up as a Dyna-Mite 410...
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