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Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

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Wish I had known some of you lads were there as there was nothing listed in the Events section so assumed you were not attending this time.  I only saw the Auto Culter display and missed the other machines, I was hoping to see a Gardenmaster 85 or something with an Aspera motor fitted to take som pics for reference but I was only exhibiting on the Sunday and didn't have the time to explore the halls properly alas. My leg problem doesn't allow for much walking about nowadays!   It was a decent show though, and the weather stayed dry but cool. 



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19 hours ago, Alan said:

Another good assortment Paul. :thumbs: Your camera must have been in need of a holiday by the end of the show.


Well yes, but I need to put enough photos on here to keep you all happy so needs must !!  :D :thumbs:


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