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  1. rolloman 1

    Big Brother and wee Brother

    Good morning all pictures of Big brother and wee brother out on a wet Saturday morning My 1032 just had and oil service and some TLC Checked over the charging system , etc all working fine. also fitted the rear wheel weights , just ordered some new missing parts coming along nicely will have to try the lawnmower soon
  2. rolloman 1

    My new Tractor

    Hi guys many thanks for your comments Hi Stormin The fife plooman had two of these so i bought this one and yes that is the mower for it Hi Reiver you are Quite correct but Kermit will have to find a new home now Hello again just while I remember my new Tractor will need to be Christened so can I ask for any suitable Names Please many thanks
  3. rolloman 1

    My new Tractor

    Good Morning guys pictures of a new toy for me arrived yesterday about lunch time runs as sweet as a nut just needs some love and care hope you like
  4. Hi the Villiers engine fitted is a 8 c two stroke
  5. Hi All here is my old Auto Culto model A 1929 I have just Preserved it rather than restored it I think it looks great the Patina was so good it would have been a shame to paint it even runs nicely too so much nicer than a yellow Auto Culto that is on here sorry about that Mr Callender Plooman what do you think guys ?
  6. rolloman 1

    Ladybank Rally

    Some more pics
  7. Hi all we attended the Vintage vehicle Rally at Ladybank Fife on Sunday 26 August Weather was wet but didnt spoil the show to much for all who attended here are some pics of the Horticultural section
  8. rolloman 1


    Hi all pm has been sent to bonzothedog
  9. rolloman 1

    Happy Birthday Jarovian

    Happy Birthday Mr Foster I am glad I am not as old as you only kidding have a good day
  10. rolloman 1

    Almond valley Vintage show

    Hi Paul Yes I was very pleased with display thanks for your comments
  11. Good Evening all I was at the Almond valley vintage rally on Sunday 15 july A local Show not far from me here are some pictures of the Horticultural Display
  12. rolloman 1

    Wooler Rally 1 July 2018

    Hi Fixem all The three machines are a mk1 and mk2 cyclo and a Jap Jobber thanks for your question
  13. rolloman 1

    Wooler Rally 1 July 2018

    Hi all some pictures from Wooler on Sunday
  14. Hi all I was at Chillingham Vintage rally Wooler Northumberland Yesterday, A very hot day , and a small section of Horticultural exhibits as well cars, lorrys, motorbikes Stationery engines .etc a great day out and enjoyed by all, This rally finishes with with a Tractor parade along the horizon line . Some pictures of the show Hello again just a though the last picture shows my Green Vivian Loyd Scrub cutter next to the Bracken cutter Could it be a case of are you my Daddy I Will let you guys decide that one
  15. Good evening all here are some pictures of my Henderson weed eater it was fitted with new coil and points etc and the backplate was refitted back on last Friday ,second pull and it run nicely we had of course removed the drive chain Today the drive chain was fitted and we tried the gears 3 forward seems to about right then we just had to test it out