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  1. pmackellow

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Museum ? Yep, all part of the long term future plan
  2. pmackellow

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Third Mustang joined its brothers in the Yellow and White shed this afternoon... Metal on order to make a chainguard and its about done.
  3. pmackellow

    Trojan mk1

    Won't be getting any Air Miles with this one then !
  4. pmackellow

    Trojan mk1

    That looks great mate !
  5. pmackellow

    Newark Tractor & Heritage Show

    Great photos Dave
  6. Held today at the South Downs Heritage Centre, Horsham Historics (a local preservation group) held their Winter Get together. A few photos including a couple of exhibits in the actual Heritage Centre itself...
  7. pmackellow

    A Strange Merry Tiller

    Good find Dave, thats a bit unusual I do have a photocopied brochure for one of those, you are welcome to a copy mate
  8. pmackellow

    O&R in the new shed

    Thanks David I put the "bitsa" engine as far together as I could on Friday and thats there now, plus a Turbair related box of chemical (empty) plus another Tarpen mini engine advert...
  9. pmackellow

    O&R in the new shed

    Relevant literature now in place by the O&R shelves...
  10. pmackellow

    Versatiller MK1 Manual

    I have a Mark 4 thats got a Tecumseh 4 stroke in it...
  11. pmackellow

    You can never have enough sheds...

    After moving all the Wheelhorse related signage out of the first shed (now the yellow and white shed) I thought I had better tidy it up and add some replacement bits and bobs... I thought the sign in the first photo quite appropriate
  12. pmackellow

    Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    No thats a tractor built in Birmingham in the UK in the late 1960's
  13. pmackellow

    Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Yes mate I thought someone had pinched mine for a moment lol
  14. pmackellow


    Great photos Dave
  15. Home now from the last show for us for 2018, We took some Ransomes machines to support our mates running the themed Horticultural section and a couple of machines for the VHGMC stand The themed display is for Wheelhorse next year so perhaps some of you may be tempted ? We will hopefully be taking 3... Here's some photos from the 2018 show...