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John Deere 2140

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That's very nice Tom, looks like it could do a good days graft :thumbs:


Thanks Paul, it certainly can :D

Nice tractor Tom, won't take many of those to fill the shed up


That's the problem Chris, I'm having to sell a few things to make space, it's worth it though..

Looks in good shape for it's age. :thumbs:

It certainly is, for 9500 hours on the clock it's doing very well. It is a one owner from new and that owner, believe it or not, was Sandringham Estate so it's not had a hard life and I know it's always been well looked after with regular servicing using genuine oil and filters.


Very nice tractor Tom!


Nice wheels Tom :D

Thanks guys :D


Pleased you got it Tom, it looks great.

I expect it was a slow journey home. Bypass at rush hour 😀


Thanks Iain, I'm pleased with it. I decided not too drive it home, thought I'd take it home on the low loader instead, a bit quicker and a bit more comfortable!!


Wheel Horses not big enough for you now Tom eh? :lol:  :yankchain:    Seriously though it looks a very capable machine :thumbs:

Some of the horses can retire now as I can use this instead :lol:


nothing runs like a deere 

Very true B)



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