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Model T Ford , go cart

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Here’s what I’ve been doing through the winter months , almost finished , just a few bit of timber work to do and then varnish the wood.

Its a replica of a 1910 model t Ford , built in 1958 , although there are a few different modifications and Addons but it’s a work in progress .

I lined the cab area with new leather seats and oak trims , added a brooklands windscreen and also some old brassware, Just in the process of making the cover for the Briggs & Stratton engine which will be disguised by the wooden box on the back .1D1B2013-080C-4F3E-AD61-242B4BB6C533.jpeg.140ec84101ba229bb3578f1e32a3f508.jpegCB7D5BE2-C8F4-48E5-A1F8-CA77ACDABED9.jpeg.917218308e6b1105720ecd4a47ea7438.jpegE19B79FF-855B-4593-9D61-73B4887018B6.jpeg.200537229a0474d365737482617ba444.jpegC044337C-F544-41BE-97A4-3028CCC8EE85.jpeg.654e1d45d55701b31afba09483836834.jpeg7852625E-EBA2-4696-A9D9-E12DB8ABA09D.jpeg.a50b1fa9bc8a925a822772f464fe5fa7.jpeg954D6731-9CFB-48B2-84CC-B158AC87D0E9.jpeg.10646273a8d0d99bc9b2e3375734ac72.jpeg3A674E71-9D70-49EB-A3C7-6C7DE0CFEBE8.jpeg.9a00426d4f769a32994c16f61b7cbf62.jpegFC1345C4-113D-4D06-A3CE-C3E24BC8D332.jpeg.9a9629c6f0be17f12cde29c7b4698bb9.jpeg37B4E328-5847-49BA-A560-A8BD5F5FD947.jpeg.7402a463348a9a363b8639731a2152e2.jpegFC1345C4-113D-4D06-A3CE-C3E24BC8D332.jpeg.9a9629c6f0be17f12cde29c7b4698bb9.jpeg

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