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Poulan Chainsaw

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Uncovered one of these Chainsaws recently Not an old large rare one, but nevertheless a small example that represents a 'Milestone' in the Company's history.

I'll just put a link here to the Company History in pdf form if anyone wants to download a copy-



 I'll tack a few pics of my example onto this thread later, as I'm still cleaning it up and sourcing parts like fuel line/Filters etc.

I also put this up on here to see if anyone has any examples still around in use. I know there are a few collectors in the U.S.



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Here's a few pics of this dinky little Chainsaw now that I've cleaned it up a little.

No frills or safety features here. 'Hand Protection Plate' and 'Felling Spike' were an Optional Extra in those days. This is the Model 25 or XXV.


Confirmed date is 1971 from the Date Stamp on the Tillotson Carb and the Muffler style (if it can be called that). 



Introduced as an Anniversary Model in 1971 (25years) by Beaird- Poulan and features all metal fabrication (diecast). Manual Oil feed and 14" Bar.




Only problem I have to sort is that a Fin is missing on the Flywheel. Fuel tubing and filter to replace.


Original Saw Chain and Bar are virtually unworn, so will be re-used. Runs on 16-1 ratio. Have plenty of use for it this year. I Think the Colour Scheme was designed to prevent people using it with a Hangover :)    






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Great thread Richard , the build quality is amazing , i love to see all metal construction on these machines, I cant see the modern plastic type lasting that long.

from the pictures its hard to get the scale size of this chainsaw but it does look a diddy little one .

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from the pictures its hard to get the scale size of this chainsaw but it does look a diddy little one .

The main body is only 11"x 7" and weighs only 8 1/2lbs Neil. It was sold with either a 12" or 14" Bar. 


There is a handy Canadian Collectors Website that has just about every Chainsaw Manufacturer and model listed, which has a vast amount of info on each one. Although the data held on my Saw has a few inaccuracies, so I will advise them so it can be amended. Here is a Link-  http://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.nsf/673d78ec01557aea88256b00005457e6/d8d083a8d741e3db88256c9b00780d89?OpenDocument

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Flywheel came off the Tapered shaft end with ease and the Magnets still powerful, revealing the Points/Condenser and manual Oil Pump. All cleaned up, re-set and all still serviceable -




The Flywheel will be checked for balance and adjusted if necessary, rather than source a spare from the U.S. 

The Fuel Line etc is ordered from U.S. by part number as it needs to be the correct outside diameter.

Plan to make and fit a Felling Spike, I feel more comfortable with one on Chainsaws.

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if she ever comes up for sale Richard , give us a nod, great little machine

Ok Neil, I'll bear you in mind after I've given it a good workout.   


A nice looking chainsaw Richard, but I will admit I try to stay away from them.. They scare the **** out of me!

I know what you mean Ian. I've used them a lot over the last 10 years now, both Felling and Canopy trimming. If you treat them with respect and have your wits about you (and others), they won't bite :)

Going to fit a modern Bar that has a Sprocket end in it, as it runs better with less friction. The original is just a plain bar.

Parts should arrive next week.

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Fuel tubing and filter arrived and now fitted.

Sorted the Flywheel Balance issue out by making a brass boss with the same taper. push fit on a 3/16" dia Silver Steel rod.




With the Flywheel fitted on the Rod, it can be placed on two 3/8" dia rods resting on Vee Blocks-




Sure enough, it showed out of balance with the broken fan blade. Progressively added weight  until balanced, then weighed the required additional weight....just under 1 gram.


Fortunately, I found a 2 BA screw would fit in an existing hole near the broken fin it was also near tapping as well.

Screwed in tight, but some Loctite was added to be sure




A few minute adjustments and it's pretty well balanced now, so all bolted back on.

Have a really strong spark at the Plug with very little pulling effort. Should be running next week.   


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Thanks Matt, I had to address the Flywheel issue on this due to the fact that this Chainsaw has none of the modern Comforts and Protection. 

It has no Anti-vibration system, so I wanted to keep it to a minimum, stop my teeth chattering and keep the 'Feeling' in my hands/arms ! :) .


Had a bit of a delay in firing this up. Decided I should give the tiny Carb an overhaul as it uses Flap Valve diaphragms and a vacuum pump, even though it was very very clean inside.

New OEM Tillotson Service Kit on way from U.S. , so I know it is all good as new. should be here in a few days.

Carb ready to re-assemble -




Also now (finally) found and ordered a Clutch Sprocket today (from Canada) that will take the later (more common) 3/8" pitch Chain and still use the original Clutch parts. I have the new 14" bar ready.

It was a bit of a challenge to locate the Spocket, as I have no IPL or Manual yet for this Model, but there are lots for the later different models and several differences in dimensions of parts used.

It means I can use the Saw and conserve the original 1/4" Pitch Chain and Bar.


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Fantastic looking work. I cringe whenever I see one of those carbs though, they used to fit them to wacker bh23 breakers and caused nothing but trouble, apparently the tooling is worn out. All most every machine has to have a walbro conversion kit to get it to run tidy, hopefully being an older one on yours means it should run ok.

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Thanks S1g, Bit of a worry about the Tillotson Carbs.  Beaird-Poulan used/use both makes. This early one is the HU-10A, so I hope it holds up ok.

The Carb kit arrived and fitted yesterday. Final Fuel Tank clean done (very clean initially).

Here is another comparison pic of the Poulan with my Mac 335-




So I just had to give this a try, even though I have not sorted an Air Filter or fitted the Bar/Chain yet, but I had to have the cover off anyway to ensure fuel flow and adjustment.....It Lives !. After nearly 30years , it fired up on the second pull. 

Re-adjusted the Hi-Low mixtures as they were way out and now runs real smoothly :hdance: .

The good bit is it is virtually free of any vibration through the Rev Range. Didn't run it for long, but real happy with it.

Clutch Drum Sprocket should be here in the next week, then take to the Woods time for some cutting trials. 







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The part for the 3/8" chain option has arrived and seen in this image (right) for comparison, along with the new Bar-




Fits perfectly. The original Chain Bar is being restored to the black painted finish. Original 1/4" Chain is now as new and will I'll carry out a test to see how each chain size performs. Meanwhile it is all ready to do some cutting, hopefully tomorrow -







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Needed to update this Topic for additions, plus it may help others.

I obtained the Illustrated Parts List for this Chainsaw from the original owners who purchased it in March '72' in the UK.

The IPLs (attached here) are dated 9/71, so the Saw is a very early model example-



With the IPLs, I have been able to reproduce the Felling Spike which was an optional extra for this model. For now, I made one from old 1. 3/8" (35-ish mm) mild steel box section-

Marked it out (scribed 'n' pen) rough first-




Next thing to do was to heat it up to cherry red for a few minutes to take the stresses out of it, as it is ERW formed box.

Cut it out and cleaned up, then added a few tweaks to shape it and fitted with some 1960s chrome 10 x 24 UNC Setscrews-








I'll give this Spike a Case Hardening session, as I've ran out of 3/32" Gauge Plate and have to order some more to make a pukka hardened example from this pattern.





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