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  1. 1978 Westwood

    It's a really nice looking machine I hope you get your pulley sorted out!
  2. Massey Ferguson Freebie

    Looks like quite a beast, I'd say definitely worth the trip if it was free!
  3. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Took the Westwood for an evening drive the other day, it was so nice out
  4. Westwood Gazelle

    Yeah, finding an original Lawnbug is very hard these days. I think the original engines were Tecumsehs and some of them would have been white. One day I will get one though! Well good luck with the search for a very early Westwood Gazelle, they are certainly out there, I see them come up on auction sites once in a while. I even saw a super rare 10 horsepower one once, I will have to see if I saved a picture of it on my old computer... Also if you haven't seen it already, this restoration of a Westwood Lawnbug is pretty interesting if you get a chance to watch it:
  5. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    What Stormin says is a possibility, also I wonder if Westwood might have had a stock of chassis to "use up" left over from 1978, given that your engine is from so early in 1979 I could imagine them fitting a new engine from a chassis from 1978 that might only be a few months old. So you may possibly have a Westwood from 1978 that was given an engine and sold in 1979?
  6. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Looking good! Your machine looks very tidy One thing I also enjoy about the early Westwoods is the ribbed front tyres, the look really good. And I will never say no to more pics or a video! My seat could certainly do with re-covering, in fact I am in the process of fixing the seat for my Wheelhorse (the seats are the exact same except the Wheelhorse one has a Wheelhorse logo). I also have a wiring issue, the ignition switch seems to be smoking, but only when I turn it off, and only when it has been used for a decent length of time
  7. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    A video would be great to see if you can get one Do you know what your serial number is? Mine is 252707 1062 01 78061411, you can work out the date from the last part- 78061411. 78(year)06(month)14(date)11(horsepower, I believe?). So mine is stamped from 14th June 1978. Sounds like you did a good job on the engine! Mine starts on the key too, although I fitted a separate choke. Hope all goes well sorting out the pulley.
  8. Not sure if this counts as an old machine...

    Yes, it does not give the impression that these machines are built to last. I think there should be more of a focus on keeping good machines going, encouraging an industry of aftermarket parts like that of classic cars, rather than this idea of "just buy a new one".
  9. Not sure if this counts as an old machine...

    Thanks for the replies and ideas folks! That is interesting, I never knew that about Al-Ko. Even their own website doesn't seem to say much about them. I love the conveyor belt idea!
  10. Not sure if this counts as an old machine...

    But this is Grandad's new lawn tractor. It is an AL-KO, and I have to admit I don't know anything about them really It looks OK and it has a 12hm Briggs & Stratton with quite a bit of oomph. It seems like a decent machine and should be fine for Grandad's purposes. I think it's a shame they had to use plastic for the bonnet, I think there's way too much plastic used on lawn tractors these days, especially the kind that fades at a different rate to the painted metal, not sure if there is a way to fix that other than a complete repaint of everything.
  11. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Hi there, good to see another fan of these tractors. I think they have a really nice look to them, and they are very sturdy and easy to work on. I would love to see pictures of your W8! Here is a video of mine in action:
  12. Last one to leave

    Aw I would love the Westwood spares if only I was local! I am down in deepest Devon.
  13. Getting the 'Horse back on course

    UPDATE: I do not believe Glenn is still doing the hood ornaments (at least for now, see post) as he is in the process of trying to make ones that can be chromed. He may have some epoxy ones (like mine) for sale but I am not sure: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/38201-08-hood-ornaments/
  14. Getting the 'Horse back on course

    Hi Neil, it is a Glenn Petit ornament, not sure if you know him but it may be best to contact him directly if you want one, more info is here: http://www.wheelhorsestables.com/forum/glen-pettit-restoration-parts/891-products Hi Mark, thank you! Yes it is a Glenn Petit one, I think they look great. I am not sure if he has any for sale at the moment but this page might help: http://www.wheelhorsestables.com/forum/glen-pettit-restoration-parts/891-products
  15. Getting the 'Horse back on course

    Hi all, I have made some progress, I have removed all the rust, and painted the Horse The quality of finish isn't too bad and I have added the Wheelhorse decals (thanks Mark!). She needs the seat recovering and some engine/electrical work,and the wheels painting- once that is done I will upload a video. But for now, here is a pic!
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