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  1. Been a bit wet today.

    Send some down here, we’ve got a half empty (or worse) reservoir on the Kent / Sussex border. Quite serious.
  2. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Use them to make a mold to create fibre glass replicas - or is the mention of fibre glass a hanging offence?
  3. That's what's best described as a bit of a B****r! PM sent. Meanwhile here's a pic of the back of a brand new coil. As you will see the potting material is decidedly lumpy. it's just some form of resin / epoxy poured in over the coil and condenser and allowed to find its own level.
  4. It looks ok as far as the relationship of the components goes . Please confirm that you have tried for a spark straight off the end of the HT lead without the plug cap and that you’ve cleaned any protective coating off the contact faces of your new points, set the points to the correct gap ( 18 thou.? ) **, recleaned them after setting and that they are opening just before the piston reaches top dead centre. Unless an external voltage has been applied to the coil it is unlikely to have overheated but if you have a multimeter you can check for continuity and resistance of the low and high tension windings of the coil but unfortuately I don’t have any figures for what those readings should be. **the correct gap figure is usually cast into the outer face of the flywheel or even stamped into the removable cover that gives access to the points. This may be of assistance. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbq4bdj2cto80gv/Suffolk A98 Magneto and carburettor0001.pdf?dl=0
  5. The lead that you describe as going to the throttle is the “ kill / stop” wire and could be the cause of your loss of spark. Make sure that it is not earthing out . You don’t mention a condenser so you probably have a coil incorporating one. I am fairly certain that your engine is an early A98. - aluminium crankcase, 98cc - as the later ones and the 112cc and 114 cc aluminium engines that followed had electronic ignition - no points.
  6. That’s a bit of a mess in the carb and governor department! Have you checked for a spark straight off the end of the plug lead with the cap removed? Also , with no sign of a recoil unit , how are you spinning the engine? May be just not fast enough, or is the clue in that drill lying on the ground? May still not be fast enough. Can’t see from the images but is there a wire from the magneto to an insulated terminal on the carb. If there is, that is the kill wire and it may be shorting out. When you were in the mag replacing the points did you notice a condenser ? If there’s no separate condenser it may have the later pattern coil incorporateing a condenser and the whole unit may have failed but before going that route check that the plug lead is firmly screwed into the coil . An image of the mag with the flywheel removed will be useful.
  7. Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Re the head gasket. Been there and had the identification issue in the past. This may be of use https://www.dropbox.com/s/mgrbup9j4y4ii6f/P1010221 (Medium).JPG?dl=0 EDIT:: Doesn't look as though it will as yours is not on there - chart too modern , I think. I've had a quick look through my box of left over gaskets and part used sets - no joy there, but will have a more in depth look later. Are the fins on the cylinder head straight or curved ? Just had another rummage and this looks a possibility. Got several! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipwc0d40we4iuse/Tecumseh head gasket possibly0001.pdf?dl=0
  8. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Electric start. Sometimes the e start machines would have a recoil unit as well but on later higher horsepower machines the recoil was absent to allow for ducted cooling.
  9. Rotaped Tracks

    They were quite common in the 50s, the hay days of grant aided land reclaimation and drainage, fitted to Howard trenchers and tile drain layers
  10. Reversing a Lucas SR1 magneto

    The following is quoted from a manual on overhauling and testing magnetos. " Before working on a magneto connect a spark plug to the HT lead with the body of the plug connected to the magneto body. If this is not done and the magneto turned beyond its "spark point" the high voltage generated will find the easiest path to earth. At best this could cause tracking across the bakalite cover, creating a permanent problem, at worst it could destroy a perfectly good - and expensive to replace - coil." It goes on to warn of the risk of destroying a digital multi-meter if the rotor is turned with the meter connected. You have been warned
  11. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    You are correct that GH was a Scientologist but I've never heard that it extended to the tin bashing side of things!
  12. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Certainly similar to that Atco but without researching some catalogues and Parts lists I can’t remember the distinguishing features that separate the re- badged Dynamarks from the later UK made ones.
  13. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    The early Westwood’s were in fact rebadged US Dynamarks ( as were the first Atco tractors) . One of the distinguishing features was the rounded, pressed deck, whereas the first Westwood made decks were the angular, fabricated “threepenny “ bit ones. But , before that is used to date Westwood production , I’m reliably informed that early home built Westwood tractors used the rounded Dynamark decks.
  14. Aspera/Tecumseh query

    My workshop manual only shows side by side ports but does show both methods of valve retention, referring to the pin system as “early”. Not sure whether this helps or hinders! Edit 8/11/17 Just realised that in the Dropbox scans that I posted earlier , the Lauson H30 has the "90 degree ports" and the Aspera one the parallel ports. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k783cnjt6i95mx2/Lauson H30%2C Aspera H300001.pdf?dl=0
  15. Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Specs and torque settings. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y87xhox3a0mhqpb/Aspera specs and torque settings.0001.pdf?dl=0
  16. Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Sounds like progress. UNC into alloy castings is normal even for the Italian manufactured ones but the pattern of the recoil unit suggests a fairly early unit , so it could be of US mfg. Images may give a clue as to exactly what you have so the more the better. Move the thread if you wish but don’t split it . Split threads about the same machine are a pain - imo!! Meanwhile, assuming it to be an H30 I’ll sort out some clearance and torque figures.
  17. Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Its possible that your engine is an H30, not a BH but I will have a look at some books in the morning. Also wondering whether the blower housing / cowling that the starter mounts on is the correct one for the block - looks a bit of an uncomfortable fit. The images of the carbs are for vertical crank engines on rotary mower applications and not relevant to your problem. Edit I've not been able to match your numbers to any reference material that I have but here's a couple of scans of H30 models, one of the original Lauson version and one of the Italian made "clone". They both feature the stepped inlet manifold. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k783cnjt6i95mx2/Lauson H30%2C Aspera H300001.pdf?dl=0
  18. Adding images to posts

    In the past I've never had a problem adding images to my posts, but on the last two occasions they have been blocked by the forum software. Not doing anything different and resizing down to the smallest option. Tried both the drag and drop and "choose files" options. Any ideas? Got around the immediate problem by using Imgur but have never had an issue with using directly from my own photo library before.
  19. Adding images to posts

    There’s a thought, chance to get rid of one of the old paper ones from under the mattress!
  20. Adding images to posts

    Spot on! Never realised that there was a limit. Know that "rules is rules" but seems a bit hard as nearly all my attachments have been to help others!
  21. Not exactly old but, it seems, as rare as hens' teeth! In 2007 Mowbots were distributed by Henton and Chattell in Nottingham but as too often seems to happen in the garden machinery world the manufacturer was not satisfied with Henton's efforts and gave the agency to a company based in Southern Ireland. Let's just say that from then on things went downhill and spares become a problem and now either non existent or eye wateringly expensive. We sold several, two of which survived until now: one with a former customer has just died (the bot, not the customer!) and one, another former customer's machine, with me which is on borrowed time with worn traction motors. These motors are still available at over £220 + vat each - not a good proposition for a 10 year old machine. So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of a "spares or repairs" L300 Mowbot , I would love to know about it. https://imgur.com/a/JNuWN
  22. UK Onan Parts supplier?

    Is there there a good UK source for Onan Parts ? If not, a recommendation for a US supplier would be welcome. Thanks
  23. Who did that ?

    I second that.My retirement contribution to village life is to mow the churchyard and the B's are wreaking havoc. (should be an image here but keep getting "upload failed" message)!
  24. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Look forward to it, I'm sure that it will be interesting. There was a firm in Bedfordshire - Minitrac - who did a lot of grey imports, mainly from France, of Kubotas and Issekis but I see that the company was dissolved in 2014.
  25. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    I'll go along with that. Expensive to buy new but due to the quality of the engineering had modest running costs - unlike many cheaper machines. Is there some history with it such as why was it apparently abandoned to the elements?
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