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  1. Getting Ready For RPT and TF

    I might bring my discs if I got room. I am hoping to pick up my 1050 from Chris which means room will be very tight in my van. I could always leave my implement at my Mother's and pick it up later in in the year.... I just love this old lady partly because I got it from the USA and from a scrapyard too but also because it is original and such character in my opinion.
  2. Getting Ready For RPT and TF

    I had a bit of time today to sort out my 600. It fired up on its first pull after 4 months being laid up. I gave it a quick service such as topping up the engine oil, pumped up the rear tyres and greased all the nipples. I also gave it a quick run and then rubbed the bodywork down with wire wool and treated it to the oily rag treatment to accentuate its patina. I will give it another wipe over one evening. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and have a mooch around the two shows.
  3. How Does This Help

    Alain, in my opinion I think it is wrong and disrespectful to have a Trump Blimp flying above London that been approved by the Mayor of London. I am not a fan of Trump but I accept that he been democratically elected by the American people and therefore that should be respected. Trump's policies, rightly or wrongly, struck a chord with the American electorate, and politicians/ people in your county and worldwide should try to understand that and find a compromise to satisfy both the Republicans and Democrats.
  4. I took my Morris 1000 van to the rally today; the heat was immense. There was only one garden tractor, a Case 222. I took some photos of classic LCVs and Series Land Rovers as that's is what I am interested in.
  5. I got some more photos of those pickups. According to the Club there is only two, possibly a third genuine Anglia Pickups. The ones yesterday were converted from vans beyond redemption.
  6. Bolens Ride-a-matic

    That have come up really nice Joseph It would be great to see some photos of the RAM in its entirety..
  7. The blue Series One was discovered in a overgrown hedge somewhere in Devon. A flail mounted on a tractor struck the landrover and upon investigation the old girl was discovered and rescue. Apparently it runs and drives ok and was in fact driven off the trailer in the camping area and driven to the show site some 1/3 of a mile. Awesome! I loved the design consideration on those vans. The doors are deliberately angled to take in the weight of a load van so when opening the door against a kerbstone , the door would not scrap against the pavement.
  8. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Passes arrived Friday.
  9. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    I gave printed my form off and will be in the post tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.
  10. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Chris. All the very best.
  11. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Good photos and the Showman's Toro looks the DB's
  12. A Day At Beamish Museum

    One of these days I will get up there and visit it. I have been told it's a really good day out.
  13. Any blokes here bidding on this?

    Tempted but decided to buy a Reliant Robin instead....
  14. Interesting machines those Lawnboys mowers. Look like they were well made unlike the shite they churn out today.
  15. All the way from the USA - Panzer t70

    I love that Panzer and the patina is just right. Will you leave it as it is or restore it? Having bought my Bolens 600 from Ohio there is something special about getting a genuine Yank GT from over the Pond.
  16. Bolens 1476 Mowing Duty

    Cool looking machine.
  17. Fantastic photos and some cool looking vehicles there. I love that large silver truck. I have seen that Morris pickup a few years ago at Gaydon Heritage Centre but then it had a nice patinated burgundy paintjob at the time. I would still take it home though.
  18. Heathersgill rally Carlisle 2018

    A nice line up and looks like a good day too. I like the look of the Motorstandard Gutbrod.
  19. 5 gang mower

    Nice set of gang mowers
  20. Chainsaw Collection Grows

    Cool collection

    Great write up Alan! I did wonder what was behind all that timber and now I know......
  22. Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    Thanks Kev for the prompt reply. It would be good to give the machines a run and a play somewhere out of harm's way. Keep us posted on that as it develops. Thanks
  23. Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    Kev, Will there be an area where we can drive around but not 'work'the area? I know we can drive into the arena but is there a play area so to speak? Thanks
  24. Wee tractor working 2018 new garden

    You are doing a sterling job there George. Love those attachments too.
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