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  1. Happy birthday Paul

    Happy birthday Paul, I hope you have a great day Best wishes Joseph and Iain
  2. HALF a HORSE.

    I have just had the chance to read your build post. It is a fascinating read and not spoiled by the snippets you have shared with me. I am pleased I was able to provide a small contribution with a few measurements. Fantastic workmanship. Your great grandson looks at home on the tractor, you will have to build another one for him Iain
  3. Bolens Estate Keeper

    Joseph and I managed to get a small amount of tractor time today. The battery on the Estate Keeper is dead and we either had the time to go and buy a replacement or bodge a different battery in and have some seat time. We spend most of our time correcting bodges but the prospect of some seat time won the day. I recently replaced the battery in our house alarm and the old one is still good even though it is tiny and only 7aH. The EK7 starts really well so worth a go. The old battery Modifications to a bit of firewood Job done Despite being a horrible bodge it works well. It started well despite not being used since August and Joseph cut some grass with the tractor. He let me have a go too and I realised that it is the first time I have driven this tractor. If the battery holds up we will make a proper frame for it. Iain
  4. Happy Birthday Headexam.

    Happy birthday Alain, I hope you have a good one
  5. Happy Birthday slf-uk

    Thanks guys. I decided to spend my birthday in the workshop, not had the chance for any workshop time for ages. Chris is nearly right, the chassis on my Land Rover 90 was painted but Joseph did most of the painting while I sat in the chair, very relaxing. I just had to tidy up a few bits. Iain
  6. We had a great day at Tractor fest on Saturday and it was fantastic to catch-up with everyone. Thanks Norm for letting me borrow your C81, lovely tractor. Joseph took a few pictures When we reviewed the pictures this was our favourite, Andrew with a bucket on his head :-)
  7. Bolens Estate Keeper

    We finally managed to get the Estate Keeper running. My assistant and chief test driver has made a video covering most of the work we did on the tractor and a demonstration of it in action. Very cool machine, I love it
  8. HALF a HORSE.

    Alan, I am really pleased you have started a threat on this, it is great to see the detail. Fantastic workmanship, I know I have said this to you directly but stated here for the record. I can't believe how well you have captured the details of a D in this model. Iain
  9. Visitors and tractor testing

    Last weekend Paul and Wendy popped in to see us and we decided to get some tractors out for Paul to try. I managed to capture some video of the five we used which I have posted on Joseph's YouTube channel. The D160 was misbehaving not helped by me forgetting to turn the fuel on. Hopefully we will get a little time today to do a bit of work on it. Iain
  10. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    Fantastic job Norm, it looks great. I have a Haban sickle bar mower and they are a very handy tool. I used mine in the vertical position once to trim the side of a hedge and it frightened the life out of me. Iain
  11. Wheelhorse D-160

    I took the D-160 out of storage today and put it in the workshop to do a few jobs on it. It will be getting a new carb and I am planning to make a more standard looking exhaust system by modifying a section of Morris Marina exhaust, I wonder where that came from thanks Alan and Chris. I have a few other jobs planned too, time permitting. I would like to identify the year this tractor was made, are any of the Wheelhorse experts able to help? The only ID I could find on the tractor is a Mountfield serial number, which looks like 7053. Thanks Iain
  12. Happy Birthday Meadowfield

    Happy birthday Mark, I hope you have a good one
  13. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy birthday Chris, hope it was a good one. Best wishes Iain
  14. Tinkers Park Steam Rally

    Great pictures Chris. I love the Matador's and the Bolens 1257.
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