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  1. Hi and a question

    Hi Lez welcome to the forum. GTT is a good forum with lots of friendly and knowledgable people, just like here. Once you join you will have to do some posts before you are able to download from the library. To save you some time this is the parts manual from a G8 which is a slightly newer version of your tractor and the wiring diagram. Bolens G-8 - Parts Manual.pdf Small Frame Wiring diagram.pdf Your tractor was made in 1972 and should be fitted with a B&S 8hp (191707-063101) engine. Hope this helps Iain
  2. Fun in the snow

    No naughty words, I think we were both in shock My glasses took a lot of the impact, expensive mistake I have you know it's hard work walking backwards trying to keep the camera still I must admit the colour is growing on me Iain
  3. Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy birthday Ian, I hope you had a good day Iain
  4. Not a Lot.

    Going nowhere today. Last night after I got home, some muppet in a 2wd car saw my tracks and tried to get through. They got stuck and abandoned the car without leaving any contact details. I have been talking to the police and they have told the owner to shift it. In the case of an emergency we currently have no way of getting out unless I use my digger to push it off the road into the ditch, which is very tempting. Overnight the drift has filled in my tracks and the snow is now frozen, so I have no intention of trying to get through it unless we have an emergency. Picture of the drift
  5. Not a Lot.

    We were hit with about 8-12 inches of snow yesterday which resulted in traffic carnage yesterday. It took me two hours longer than normal to get to work and it was then only possible because I doubled back and used the really difficult country lanes that nobody had been on. Overnight we had high winds and the snow drifted. Those that have visited Bolens towers will know we live on the top of the only hill in Norfolk. Driving down the hill this morning I was faced with a bigger than expected snow drift and I decided to hit the gas rather than stop. This is what a Disco looks like after it has hit a six foot wall of snow. In the picture you may be able to see the drift in the background on the left. The picture does not really show just how much snow was on the bonnet, took me ages to clear it. It's good how they designed it so the badge always shows From past experience I knew that a drift would be in that location but I was not expecting it to be that big. I told the kids to watch the impact from the bedroom window and they said that the snow went 30 foot in the air. It frightened the life out of me when I lost vision. I got a call from the SWMBO lunch time to tell me that our neighbour was not so successful and his Isuzu 4x4 pickup is stuck in the drift. I am still at work atm but the jouney home should be interesting as I will need to recover his truck before I can attack the drift again and get home. He sold his Land Rover last year and has been winding me up about how much better his Isuzu is. Looking forward to the banter as I attach the tow strap Iain
  6. Busy day with our 1972 Bolens 1054

    I'm exhausted walking behind the tractor all day. Our woodburner feeds the radiators and hot water so probably only 2-3 weeks worth. You may have seen that small black trailer somewhere before too Mum's orders Looking forward to the day when I am indoors chucking it on the fire while he is moving and cutting
  7. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Fantastic work and paint job on that hood Ewan.
  8. The Showmans new Toy

    Just remembered that I also had fuel pump issues with the K582 in mine, you would have to crank it over for a while before you would get fuel to the engine. At great expense I fitted a new OEM fuel pump but it made little difference, so I added a manual primer and in-line tap. A couple of pumps with the primer and it fires up the second you engage the starter. I also put an additional battery earth lead directly onto the engine which made it run smoother.
  9. Homelite XL-902am

    Fantastic collection of saws you have Alain. We have been watching you YouTube videos about them and I'm impressed by your knowledge about them. I didn't realise you were such a chainsaw expert. Iain
  10. HALF a HORSE.

    Happy to help Alan, I will sort some measurments.
  11. HALF a HORSE.

    I have just been catching up with your build. Your attention to detail continues to be incredible, love that brake peddle. Alan if your looking for another job , an option on the D-Series is split wheel brakes with the foot peddles mounted on the other side of the tractor. They would look really cool on your mini-D and they are fitted to my D-200 if you want some pictures, measurments, etc.
  12. The Showmans new Toy

    That is an absolutely fantastic tractor, I love it. It hard to imagine that they were not a good seller as it looks perfect for cutting large areas of grass. Great find. It has the same engine as my main grass cutting tractor and I budget for one gallon of petrol per acre. Those engines do run hot and can suffer from head gasket problems. I now regularly remove the tin around the heads, blow out any debris and re-torque the heads. Not had any problems since.
  13. Thanks Andrew, sounds good
  14. Happy birthday Paul

    Happy birthday Paul, I hope you have a great day Best wishes Joseph and Iain
  15. HALF a HORSE.

    I have just had the chance to read your build post. It is a fascinating read and not spoiled by the snippets you have shared with me. I am pleased I was able to provide a small contribution with a few measurements. Fantastic workmanship. Your great grandson looks at home on the tractor, you will have to build another one for him Iain
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