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  1. slf-uk

    1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    The camshaft is solid and by the wear marks each side of the brake, I think it has been running broken. The face of the inlet valve was badly damaged so I suspect that may have had something to do with it.
  2. slf-uk

    Happy Birhday Vegikev.

    Happy birthday Kev
  3. slf-uk

    Chis has a birthday

    Happy birthday Chris
  4. slf-uk

    Happy Birthday harryt.

    Happy birthday Harry, I hope you have a great day! Don't tell anyone, but I believe it is Chris's birthday today also but he is considerably older Iain
  5. slf-uk

    Plough Depth Wheel'

    That have to be the understatement of the week, it looks great and fantastic workmanship. It will be interesting to see how it works out. Iain
  6. slf-uk

    Opinions wanted

    You have to be very careful these days with pictures taken from a mobile phone. In addition to the picture, digital cameras record something called EXIF data which can include GPS location data (depending on the make/model of your phone). Some forums automatically strip the GPS location data from pictures when you load them but others, like this one does not. This means when you post pictures of your collection you are effectively telling the world the exact place you store them. Cut/paste the information to Google Earth or maps and you will get a detailed aerial and road view of your storage location and directions on how to get there. Depending on your appetite for risk you may like me what to strip this data out before posting. I open pictures in Paint, save as a .PNG (which does not have the ability to hold GPS data) then save back to as a JPG. I have lobbied forums where I am a member, to change the options to strip out the data and most have. I don't want to cause alarm, just provide some information that you may not be aware of, to facilitate choices. Iain
  7. The website top level domain name is "es" which I believe is Spain. I also believe the Spanish top level domain is open, allowing registrations from anywhere in the world. It is possible this is company with a world wide footprint but it does sound a little odd. I notice they take Paypal, so if you can't find an alternative and have a credit card linked to a Paypal account, you have some form of cover if it goes horribly wrong. It won't save you from the hassle though. Iain
  8. slf-uk

    1978 Westwood

    Unfortunately not, I believe our gas contains 5% ethanol and today's petrol is pretty horrible stuff. I have just had to rebuild the carb on my G10 as it had gummed up the carb after sitting for just 3 months.
  9. slf-uk

    1978 Westwood

    I have seem Seafoam petrol treatment advertised online in the UK but non of the adverts mention how much you put in a gallon of petrol. In the UK it is about £15 a pint so without knowing the mix it is hard to determine the value. How do you think this compares with B&S fuel fit? Iain
  10. slf-uk

    1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    Joseph made a video of some of the work we did on this tractor. We still have work to do on the carb and governor
  11. slf-uk

    Monkey jack.

    Woops, I forgot I said I would take some pictures however I didn't say which weekend One side Back, not too much to see Front, even less to see Other side, with switch in the jack up position Switch in the down position I forgot just how heavy this jack is to move around Iain
  12. slf-uk

    Wheelhorse Rear Bracket

    Fantastic work Chris, it looks like factory item
  13. slf-uk

    Plough Depth Wheel'

    Looks really good, it will be interesting to see how it performs.
  14. slf-uk

    Happy Birthday Joseph.

    Happy birthday Joseph, I hope you had a good day Iain (Dad)
  15. slf-uk

    East Coast Truckers convoy

    You may have noticed that I panned onto it as the last truck went past on the first video, couldn't resist