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  1. Bolens owners Northern Ireland

    Hello Sam, fellow member from Northern Ireland here. No Bolens in my collection, mostly small crawlers. I've sent you a PM. Rob
  2. The Beast is alive and well

    That's a really impressive looking machine. I've seen a video on Youtube some time ago of a tracked Honda like this fitted with a front dozer blade. Does the lever at the rear allow the plough to be rotated from side to side so that you can plough left and right handed?
  3. Ransomes MG40 and HR4 discs

    Thanks Chris, we could do with more working events over here.
  4. Good photos. Nice lineup of Ransomes, not a common sight to see two ITW machines. As for the crawler conversion, that's the running gear and frame from a Cletrac HG, it would have originally had a Hercules petrol engine. The Fergie engine would be a good mate size wise for the Cleatrac.
  5. The Mini Tractors NI club held a small working show on the 26 August. One of the club members had told me before about their working day but I had never managed to get round to going to it. This year I was given a flyer for the show and decided to keep that date free and take my Ransomes MG40 and discs down for a play. We don't seem to have the same number of exhibitors for garden tractors or horticultural machinery as you do in the rest of the UK so it was good to see such a good display of machines. Changing the colour and re-branding a certain make of red tractor seemed quite popular. There were a couple of interesting home made machines that caught my eye.
  6. NYS Pageant of Steam 2017

    I love the little Lennox crawler. Looks a very interesting show.
  7. Ransomes MG40 and HR4 discs

    Earlier this week I set about getting my HR4 discs dug out ready to use with my MG40. The cover that had been over them had come off and they were looking a little green thanks to the surrounding trees. Put the turbo nozzle on the power washer and they soon cleaned up. I'll put some photos up in the Show Pics section of the show I took the MG40 and discs to.
  8. mg_rob

  9. Before getting into horticultural machinery I collected stationary engines with my father. Of the engines we own this Ruston Hornsby APR 2 1/2hp model from 1928 is our most rallied engine. The last photo shows it driving our Evans water pump.
  10. Ransomes Sand Skimming Tractor

    Are these skimmers steered by your feet? Looking at some of the original skimmer photos posted on the forum it looks like the hand levers are for controlling the skimming head. From the above photo it certainly looks like it turns handy enough on gravel.
  11. Ride ons at Rosemount 2015

    If you enter your machine into Rosemount you could take it up to the working field. I'm sure they would not mind you joining in. I'm not sure if they are doing something similar this year though, it would be a shame if they don't. We don't tend to have much over here for our size of machines. My Ransomes MG40 was down in with the stationary engines. Rob
  12. happy birthday boys

    Many thanks. And happy birthday to the other members of '73 vintage. Rob
  13. Ride ons at Rosemount 2015

    One more ride on that was at Rosemount that day. It was parked up at the side of the working field, looks to have been well made. It would have been interesting to see it hooked up to the tractor pulling sled
  14. Ransomes ITW

    That's good that you have got it sorted. This and the skimmer have really tested your determination to get them going. I can imagine the ITW would be quite difficult to turn on either concrete or tarmac. Is the winch fully operational?
  15. Ride ons at Rosemount 2015

    Thanks for the comments. Did you have a machine there or were you there as a spectator? It would be good to see something similar organised for this year.
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