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  1. All the way from the USA - Panzer t70

    Leave it is as I prefer them like that
  2. All the way from the USA - Panzer t70

    I will look into subscribing Pm sent
  3. Bill Targett Memorial Rally

    Great photos Paul
  4. I have wanted one of these tractors ever since I saw a picture of one online, so finally I have one I managed to find a person who imported tractors for a living, about a year ago I asked him if he could find me a panzer. A couple of months ago he did and a deal was done, it took five weeks to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the tractor originally being sold in Illinois. On Saturday me and Dad drove up to shropshire to collect it from his Farm. I must say I am very pleased with it. Here are some pictures. As you can see it has had some painted applied in an odd fashion, and I knew the original paint was underneath. So a few hours of light sanding etc I managed to get the end result with a light coat of oil to make it shine.
  5. Economy tractors

    I personally have never seen one of this side of the pond for sale and I don’t think they were ever sold over here but not entirely sure.
  6. Toro The Sequel

    Looks in very good condition Chris, just need to get it out the van now
  7. Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian 🎉
  8. Malvern Tractor World 2018

    The Whitlock was on show, even though it still had its lot number on
  9. Malvern Tractor World 2018

    I was thinking of buying it but no way at that price, plus I already have one similar.
  10. We went today to the show, a long day leaving at 5am and getting in at 8:30pm but well worth it. Good weather although bitterly cold. A good turnout and much more people than last year. These were a few of the things in the auction, lots of ransomes crawlers, the restored ones made strong money at £1900 a piece. the Massey Ferguson mf7 made a jaw dropping £2700! These are some pictures from the show itself.
  11. Gutbrod front pto

    Thanks, I do have that diagram but i think i am missing parts 12 and 17.
  12. Gutbrod front pto

    I have just purchased another Gutbrod 1032 from a chap who’s friend owned it that has sadly past away. Unfortunately the front pto is in bits. It is the manual type and not the electric. I have the bits for it although I am not sure if all the bits are there to reassemble it. Can anyone help me with some pictures of theirs showing it complete? Thanks in advance Harry
  13. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Looks spot on Nigel👍
  14. Martin Markham

    That looks to be in pretty good condition considering it has been outside for a long time. Have sent you a pm regarding literature. Harry
  15. Its a perfect fit

    Bit far away for me I think
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