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  1. Happy birthday Nigel

    Happy Birthday Nigel🎉
  2. Wheelhorse Southern Round-Up

    I haven't received mine yet
  3. Heat induction tool

    Many thanks, helpful to know that they do the trick. Harry
  4. Heat induction tool

    Just out of interest what make and model do you have?
  5. Heat induction tool

    I do also agree that the machine is pricey, however in the long run it is cheaper as you won't have to keep paying for gas, it may also stop the frustration and colourful language when getting a bolt off as it is more efficient. As Andrew said, hopefully it will get cheaper as it is a relatively new product in the market.
  6. Heat induction tool

    Thing is, they only heat the area you want, not the surrounding area like with a torch.
  7. Heat induction tool

    Has anyone ever had any experience with these, they are relatively new and use a magnetic field to create the heat. They look good as no flames are produced making it safer, also heating a bolt red hot it seconds They are pricey but look worth it if anyone has had any experience with these I would like to know your thoughts. There are a few videos online if you want to take a look, just search "heat induction tool" Harry
  8. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    Top job Norm, looks like it worked a treat
  9. HALF a HORSE.

    Bolens parts being used to build a Wheelhorse
  10. Happy Birthday Meadowfield

    Happy birthday Mark🎉
  11. Happy Birthday Showman.

    All the best Chris, hope you had a good day
  12. Rural Past Times 12 / 13 August 2017

    I will get mine sent off this weekend, do we have to do one for each exhibit?
  13. Newby Hall Rally

    Looks a very good show, more or less something of everything including a Massey Ferguson . Hopefully the weather will stay dryer for you guys today
  14. Bolens tractor day

    Maybe you should get a green and yellow tractor Joseph, different class to the bolens
  15. Martin Markham Colt help

    I have just had a look at the manual, it is quite basic and there are no diagrams of the transmission, it only tells me a few details about the speeds and fluids. Harry