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  1. Working the Bolens QT 16

    it gets the sun from it comes up till about lunch time.....when i moved in there was a large bank of soil running down between the trees there which i pulled down and leveled across the garden and i had to put weed killer down to stop the grass and weeds growing till i got that bit sorted...
  2. Working the Bolens QT 16

    If you watch video I got hold of a big root that stopped me dead and the front wheels came up.. If ya look closely at the ripper I have bent one of the teeth.. As for grass most will grow in there as it gets plenty of water from the field behind us..
  3. Working the Bolens QT 16

    just trying to get the root's and stones out so it can i can get grass on it...i use that ripper for getting up the stones and small roots...
  4. Working the Bolens QT 16

    briggs and stratton vanguard v twin...16hp...
  5. Tipping trailer

    according to a converter i found it works out at 0.6 cubic meters witch seems to be 1 ton of top soil...
  6. Tipping trailer

    not 100% on the weight it will hold but it measures 1670 long x 905 wide x 400 high inside sizes....
  7. Tipping trailer

    i was only using about throttle so it did well...
  8. Tipping trailer

    a wee video of the bolens ht20 and tipping trailer... tipping the load.....
  9. minky

  10. stiga villa

    if ya had the time and materials...move the front axle forward, make a boom and you would have a handy wee forklift...
  11. a bit of work for the bolens QT16

    have to get it home first to get a better look at it...i know the steering is broken...thats all i know about it so far..
  12. a bit of work for the bolens QT16

    how does it do with the plough.....what size of plough do they use...i scaled my 3 point linkage of a pic on the computer screen...lol...works great..
  13. a bit of work for the bolens QT16

    5 bolens.....1 home bulit from a old landmaster....a wheel horse c81 and the gilson that noel posted pics of...
  14. a bit of work for the bolens QT16

    yes the Q stands for quiet...the old onan engine just had enough so i put a 16hp vanguard v-twin in it...just needs the electrics sorted out and she'll be right...yes i made the 3 point linkage myself it's linked into the lift ram for the deck..
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