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The footrests were another item I had a few attempts at before finishing up with something that looked right in comparison with the rest of the build.  One pair looked too long and narrow, another try ended up with the fold overs not being deep enough.  Fairly quick to mark out and make so not too much hair pulled out.  Again, made from the scrap 1mm alloy panels. The first attempts found a use elsewhere after being cut up.




How to make the fenders. ?  Simply bending up on the brake press wasn't thought viable due to the curves at each end, although I now think it could have been done with a bit of NON press work included.    Also the corners would need alloy welding etc.  Another possibility was making a plug and moulding in fiber glass.   I decided to make these using built up layers of plasticard sheet reinforced with alloy.  I already had a good stock of this plasticard.   This resulted in very strong fenders.  The plastic, welded together with liquid polystyrene cement, was thick enough to sand the curves on ends and sides.  The alloy inserts were a very tight fit after making a few short trial sections to get the bends in the correct place.   Also bolted at the corners although they wouldn't come out easily.  The top of each footrest slides into the slot at the front of the fenders and will be bolted in place when finished.







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