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    Cat D7F

    Stormin, the lugs are for the angle brace that holds the top of the blade if you look at the pic of my D7 you can see one there on the left his blade can angle so if it was sitting straight the braces would be in the middle lug on each side if angled they would be in the front lug on one side and back lug on the other Doug when I fire my dozer up the grandkids come running towards it LOL they love to ride on it
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    dozer buying guide for DougC

    what kind of a budget are you working with on buying a dozer ? an old machine like I have will do a lot of work but not as fast as a newer one mine is a 1947 and I baby it as much as I can. buying a 40's 50's or even a 60 or 70's dozer can be a cheaper first investment but can cost more in the long run if it has a major failure of any type as the price u buy one for is the most it is worth ever no matter how many dollars you spend fixing it up, but the same can be said for a newer one also I guess LOL. if time getting the job done isn't a factor for you a mini excavator with a thumb may be a better deal as the have a better resale value than a old dozer. but they cost more up front too. a D3 size dozer may good if your not in a hurry. the older cats have a great parts supply which makes them a little better than say an fiat allis or international as parts are sometimes hard to find for them. look around find something you think you like let us know what it is and we will try and see if there is any of the normal things wrong that can be seen on a walk around, but never buy one that you cant start drive and best if u can work it a little say just push some dirt as this will help tell more about the drive train and engine
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    JUST O&R

    Comet c/saw

    Well here is the project I'm working on now. This is the first O&R I acquired it was about 35 years ago my brother worked at a mower shop in Florida. His boss was going to threw it out and I said I will take it . I took it apart and was going to get it running but life gets in the way I was only about 16 maybe 18 not sure . Its been in a box for a long time 6 to 7 moves 3 states . I found it in a box a few years ago and this it what started it all . Missing a few parts must have got lost in the moves but well get it together . For the last few years I have been buying them when I can. thanks to a few good people I now have a few diaphragms to get it going and a few more. Missing the clamp to hold blade and blade. Just found a blade on ebay 8" is not on all the store shelves.
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    I just got this today. It may be late. I lost power for 3 days here and just getting caught up on the internet. Some are not labeled correctly. Many desirable in here. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-catalog/Model-Airplane-and-Engine-Auction_KXA6XG2UPG Collectable engines on Auction Zip Any of you near Greenville, OH may be interested in this auction. There's over 300 lots of pulse jet, ignition and glow engines plus vintage kits. Follow the link. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-c...ion_KXA6XG2UPG From RC Groups - Vintage Old Timer Glow motors https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1402733-Vintage-Glow-Engines/page1157
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    Could be a drop shipper* with multiple accounts, that didn't have them in stock and couldn't get any quickly, so fobbed you off with shipment tracking delays. *The worst kind of seller, often copying vast inventories of stuff from other website over & over, till ePay gets saturated with items all the same (insert thumbs down emoji we don't have here!). There are also a lot of legitimate accounts getting hacked all the time, as soon as the listings get taken down they appear again under another hacked account, the scammers must make enough to keep doing this. David
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    They are Tyres over here Alain speak English 😂😂😂
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