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  1. paul

    Allen mayfield

    Have got the manual now. Thanks all especially kev for supplying it and Chris for putting me in touch. Cheers
  2. paul


    Thanks for that Alan. Great pictures. Shame you don't know where it is. Like people are saying, I expect you can find it through the dvla. On the plus side I can't comment on you and the hair Paul
  3. paul

    Hi Chris.  No hurry but is there anymore info on the mayfield manual yet? I know a member of a site on Facebook where a Kevin snEdinburgh dated it for me. Is this the same kev I wonder

  4. paul

    Allen mayfield

    I think so. They are like little triangles all around the disc. Not sure what their made of. I will look at the weekend
  5. Hi all. I have a allen mayfield with a three forward one reverse albion gearbox. The two clutch plates are functional but will need replacing soon. Does anybody know where I can get these from? Regards Paul
  6. paul


    Any idea what you would like for it and do you have any pictures of it
  7. paul

    New year

    Happy New Year to you all. Best wishes. Paul
  8. paul

    Allen mayfield

    No rush mate. Whenever he has time. Appreciate your help.
  9. paul

    Allen mayfield

    Thanks Chris, appreciate it. Still have the little allen junior from you. Used it to cut the wild flowers down at the cross by the red lion in West Meon this year (WORKED A TREAT). Had a good audience to.
  10. paul

    Allen mayfield

    Hi All. Does anybody know where I can get a manual for a allen mayfield fitted with a kohler 8 engine. I have the engine manual. Just after the mayfield one. Paul
  11. Hi all. need a bit of info on a belt. I have a sickle mower for my titan merry tiller which is driven by a vplex pulley.to the mower . Does anybody know the vbelt size please as I don't have one. many regards. Paul
  12. paul

    Titch' shed(s)

    You could always fill it with more presidents Titch. Sure the family will love it. Paul
  13. Got this today. The points broke. Does anyone know where I can get one?. Paul
  14. paul

    Sickle Mower Advice

    I have two. a ts model with a villiers mk 15 four stroke engine.I prefer the four stroke as found the two strokes get tempremental when hot. Only problem I find is there is no adjustment to the handles and im tall so tend to stoop when using it. The second one I have was chris's on here which is a junior model. The blades only eighteen inches long, powered by a four stroke jap engine. Nice machines but you know when you've used one. They shake your fillings out.
  15. paul

    V-plex pulley

    Thanx all ive got two now and up and running.