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  1. The Fife Plooman

    Last match of the year

    Hi all this was at the last match of the year I did well 1st for my ploughing first for my finish I was very pleased Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  2. The Fife Plooman

    Weekend ploughing

    Hi Alain check for David Brown Tractor club forum they seem to cover the part about hydraulics quite well this would be your best way forward as far as your plough is concerned do you have discs or skimmers for your plough, if you have fit them. on a starting point with your plough is put it down on level ground adjust the top link until the plough is sitting level. when the plough is level and the ploughshare tip is on the ground and the heel of the plough is on the ground you should be able to put your fingers in a hollow between the two if you cannot your ploughshares are worn, I hope this gets you started I will take pictures on Saturday and post them on line it will give you a better idea Keep well
  3. The Fife Plooman

    Weekend ploughing

    Hi can you put up some pictures of your setup may be able to guide you , keep well
  4. The Fife Plooman

    Weekend ploughing

    some pictures of the ploughing matches at the weekend hope you like
  5. The Fife Plooman

    My new Tractor

    Hi all Douglas started of as Allison when I bought it as scrap got it fixed up and gave it to my son in law and called it Douglas I think it should revert back to be called Allison Douglas only my thoughts
  6. The Fife Plooman

    Scone rally Perth

    Hi all here are some pictures of our working day weather was very kind and glad the forecast was wrong some good comments Tam Tweedie was presented with the Nancy Little trophy the dogs had great fun as well hope you like More rally pictures also found a new toy and it works hope you like
  7. The Fife Plooman

    One man went to destroy weeds

    I think that should be called the widow maker
  8. The Fife Plooman

    Wee tractor working 2018 new garden

    This is the finished garden as far as the grass seed goes will post more when the grass grows
  9. The Fife Plooman

    Wee tractor working 2018 new garden

    Hi all this is my latest challenge for 2018 my Gutbrod 1032 raking and rolling and my merry tiller dozing the bumps and hollows all my attachments all worked well hope you like
  10. The Fife Plooman

    Mixed year

    The one with George facing camera are the new plough
  11. The Fife Plooman

    Mixed year

    Hi all had a mixed year My name was first one on new shield won some nice rosettes Trialled my new plough this is work in progress went back to basics with old plough worked ok when I trialled my new plough all did not go well I started of bad and things got worse the plough was leading the tractor, I know what is wrong Mould board will need cut, I got a puncture broke a wheel rim this was all in my day at a local charity match There were three new people that took part in our match and they brought their own gardeners with them the club will be watching next year Raymond adding some weight
  12. The Fife Plooman

    !st of March

    As we say in Scotland It will take mair than a wee drap snaw to stop us gane tae the inn Irikah waiting on the inn opening my modern zimmer HA HA
  13. The Fife Plooman

    !st of March

    My good deed for today clearing the the footpath in the village so that the old ones can get their pensions and food, we must make sure the old ones are OK Keep well
  14. The Fife Plooman

    oops rim

    Hi all ploughing match did not go well more about it later I am wondering if this can be fixed or where can I get another one it is a 6x12 rim of my Gutbrod 1032 tractor Thanks
  15. The Fife Plooman

    New plough 2018

    When I ploughed it last year it had not been ploughed for about twenty year there was a lot of rubbishy weeds in it still the same, but little bit not so hard now I believe when I rotavate it in the drier weather I will get more depth still .Thank you