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  1. Rocboni

    Lathe fun

    You might find after running the lathe for a long time or under load it trips the DOL starter, unless you turned up the overload?
  2. Rocboni

    Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    I don't think you will benifit from doing this as you wont get in with anything to be able to press the sleeves off.
  3. Rocboni

    Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Tap each one severely with hammer, Keep the wheel on its side, clamp tightly with some vice grips and single them back and forward, some will only move slightly p, you just hav to perceiver.
  4. Rocboni

    Ts 42A

    Ransomes Ts42A for sale, looking for £300 but would take less for quick sale.
  5. Rocboni

    A Right Ransome Day.

    That's the plough which came with my MG40, I always did wonder if it would actually do a good job. Time will tell, although I don't think you will wiping any prizes with it.
  6. Rocboni

    Tractor World Malvern 2017

    Is it a bedford TK norm?
  7. Rocboni

    Ransomes Sand Skimming Tractor

    Thought I better start my own thread regarding the Skimmer. Skimmer SN is 15200 which makes manufacture around about 1965, traced reg number through DVLA hasent revealed much. Main aim is to get it mechanically operational, needs some new steel welding in, mainly sheet metal parts on the top frame where seat is, and engine changed to original Ransomes 600cc. Good thing is it is all there, front auger and conveyor drive roller is free. Its not done much since it was retired as still full of sand, needs a good power wash to flush it all out of engine bay. First job is to free tracks up, get engine off and free up the controls and gear lever. I will get cracking next week but progress is likely to be slow as its being stored 25 miles away while I get the new workshop up.
  8. Rocboni

    Billy Goat.

    Has it got enough power to blow material up the tube into a trailer? They normally have a big engine powered fan half way up do they not?
  9. Rocboni

    Billy Goat.

    I've always got it locally from a motor factors, Thomas Graham may have it, but you'll get it on eBay if not. Clean the area with a grinder/wire brush, degrees and apply, I repaired an escort gearbox with it which got an axle stand through it (don't ask) and it lasted until the cam belt snapped 4 years later!
  10. Rocboni

    Billy Goat.

    JB weld has always worked for me and is much easier than trying to get solder or braze to take.
  11. Rocboni

    Battery care

    You would be cheaper buying 4 of the standard ones! Probably more flexible too. or a few of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-V-Volt-Intelligent-Smart-Electronic-Battery-Charger-Car-Van-Motorbike-MP7402-/311752491484 I knew someone wirth a kubota that got used occasionally at a stables, he had a 12v solar panel on the roof of the container which he kept rigged up to keep it charges, if you do this you must use a controller regulator as at night the panel can drain the battery.
  12. Rocboni

    Battery care

    Found a 4 battery one https://www.amazon.co.uk/NOCO-G4-Battery-Charger-Maintainer/dp/B0068EV26I not cheap though. It's not the one I was thinking of, I'm sure it had 10 sets.
  13. Rocboni

    Battery care

    They do exist, I have seen one which had lots of sets of croc clips, I think it trickle charged them to keep them topped up, can't remember the name of it now, think it was specifically for garage situations.
  14. Rocboni

    Latest addition to the herd

    Kwik-way loader
  15. Rocboni

    Period Tow car

    Can these old cars be converted to 12v, would that not be a better long term solution?
  16. Rocboni


    But what is your next project.....
  17. Rocboni


    So....what is it? No clues?
  18. Rocboni

    A day in the Lake District.

    Love these old cars and would like to own one, I was bidding on a teal Bugatti last month but missed out.
  19. Rocboni


    Hi, Im looking for a 4 terminal regulator as fitted to cub cadets in conjunction with the delco remy starter/dynamo, just to save me ordering from the US. This is for my Ransomes ITW, I fitted a different regulator but it doesn't seem to do the job. Thanks
  20. Rocboni


    Brushes are still ok, but a bit worn down, so though I would replace when I have it in bits.
  21. Rocboni


    Has anyone sourced new brushes and a set of terminals with insulators for the delco remy S/G, bearings should be easy to find? Also has anyone got a ammeter on their tractors, just wondering what charging currents can be expected to get the right range of ammeter? Thanks
  22. Rocboni

    3 phase band saw electrics

    Fantastic bandsaw, the loop does look like original as it has the crimp ferrules, however it should never of had this, the only reason I can see is if some one wired it without a neutral supply and was pulling a reference to ground so that the control circuit works, an electrician would not do this, its a big no no! Very dodgy. I would suggest you snip the ferrules off, strip the cable and put it back into the DIN rail terminals, you stick a screwdriver into the square hole to release the clamp.
  23. Rocboni

    3 phase band saw electrics

    Leave the dog out did we?
  24. Rocboni

    3 phase band saw electrics

    There's no way that the earth should be connected to the neutral at the machine, (although your earth is basically your Neutral at the DNO cut out) this is what will be causing the tripping as the RCD will be seeing this. meadowfeild, Saw may require a Neutral for the control circuit if modern contractors ect are used. If just a straight DOL starter only 3 phase and earth.
  25. Rocboni

    3 phase band saw electrics

    Must have an Earth fault, it will run off a generator fine as it has no RCD? Along with your old workshop? Does the bandsaw have a Neutral, I'm guessing a neutral to earth fault as live to earth would result in a bang! Try to isolate sectons of the circuit.